January Favourites

erin azmir january favourites

I actually posted my January monthly favourites on my Tumblr but what the heck, since I’m back on Blogger, I thought it would fit.

January monthly favourites

My everyday makeup

I am obsessed with my own everyday makeup. Noted that I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do, I do it like that. And I am obsessed with it! I’ve been meaning to do an everyday makeup routine video but time is what I am lacked. Will do one once I have time in my hand.

Nobluk contact lens in brown

Hands down. The nicest contact lens I have ever bought. They look natural on me although they are brown. I will definitely repurchase once it has passed its three month expiry date.

Beauty blender dupe

I am not going to spend MYR90 on a sponge when I could be spending those money on something else, so I bought its dupe. Well, not really a dupe considering that it doesn’t expand after I ran it through water but it applies my foundation beautifully without getting any streaks on my face. Bought it for MYR5. Best purchase ever.

Essence Soo Glow! Highlighter

Beautiful highlighter! They have only two shades available and I got the pink shimmery one because the sales assistant said that the white shimmery one doesn’t really do anything on my skin. It is so beautiful on my skin and the price point is voila, a bargain. Only MYR16! If you’re cheap like me, go get yourself some Essence highlighter.

Coldplay ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ album

You wouldn’t want to know how many times I have this album playing over and over again on my Spotify. The album, just like the previous ones by Coldplay, is really good. My personal favourite are Hymn for The Weekend, Amazing Day, Adventure of A Lifetime, and Army of One. Go check it out!

Something Borrowed (2011) movie

So the other day I was in the mood for some friendship type of movie and Something Borrowed depicts a betrayal of a friend. Well, is it? I love the plot, I love Kate Hudson, I think she played her character beautifully.

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