Blog Update and Pre-Birthday Dinner

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! I have a few things I have to update you guys about my blog. As you can see on my navigation tab above, I added a few links that you guys can click on. After watching The Blog Beautician videos on YouTube about the importance of having a contact page, I have created a Contact page of my own. If you have any enquiries, you can directly email me at erin[at]herlittleplans[dot]com or use my contact page if you wanna be anonymous. I don’t mind either way, really.

I also created a Resources page which contains all of the websites I use for my blog contents. If I found other interesting websites, I will definitely update them in that page so be sure to check it regularly.

Anyway, back to my life. Hahaaa. I just got back from my pre-birthday (this Tuesday March 29th!) dinner with the family. We went to Me’nate Steak Hub the Bangi branch. I know they have another branch in KL if I’m not mistaken. I had sirloin steak and iced peach tea which need I remind you that the drinks are bottomless/refillable so you’re basically paying for the steak only.

Overall the food was okay. I’ve had better steak but for the price and the bottomless drinks (iced peach tea is so good!), it’s really worth it. One more thing is, get your steak in medium. I used to like medium well steak but that is too dry for me now. Don’t know what’s wrong with my palate it’s changing with age. Kalau medium kan you get all the darah darah so juicy yum.

PS: I am loving the detox water! I made another one with lemon + apple today.

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