Saturday Brunch with Grandma

Today, my mom woke me and my sister up and asked us if we wanted to go have breakfast (well, brunch considering it was already 9 am) with our grandma. It’s a weekly thing our parents usually do with grandma. They’d go have breakfast and accompany her to do grocery shopping.   It was just my mom, my sister, me, and grandma. Dad couldn’t join us because he had to go for a meeting. We had brunch at Borak. If you live near my area you would know where Borak is ahaaa.

  They sent me the wrong food. Mi no like no sosejes in mi brikfas.  

      And then, they sent me the correct one! Yas frais for brikfas.

Meet the (one and only) grandma, y’all. She was having bihun and kuey teow curry. My sister and mom had the same thing as I did. After that, we went to the supermarket because grandma wanted to buy some rice and oil. She ended buying a lot of stuff after going through every isle omg T.T Now I know where I got my nak-beli-barang-sikit-but-spend-sejam-in-supermarket perangai T.T Before going home, we had cendol!!! Omg having cendol in this scorching hot weather is da bomb dot com!

That’s it for this post. I have a few posts in draft that I have already taken pictures of but needed a little more editing. Be sure to check them out once I’ve published them.

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