Seoul Garden, Isabelle Scarf, and NYX Two Timer Eyeliner

Assalamualaikum and hi! Sorry for not updating anything for the past week, I was just super duper lazy although I have a few posts just sitting in my draft, waiting for me to write and publish them. I have a few things to update you about my life. The first thing is I am deferring my studies for a semester. Well, the decision was abrupt. I am lethargic from a year and 4 months of classes non-stop. I didn’t have that much rest because I didn’t have a long semester break. The longest semester break I had was March last year and that was for only two weeks. The other semester breaks I had was only a week. Can you imagine? So my parents said it’s okay I can stay home and puasa at home this year.

The second thing is well, I don’t really have a second thing to update you hahaha. I have just realised that my life is so boring. I stay at home, neglect my phones and texts I get and spend most of my time with my MacBook, to be really honest. It’s better than going out socializing and spending money, right? And I am thinking of getting my driver’s license. My mom has already given me a green light but my dad is still saying no. Can somebody knock some sense into my dad so that I can finally get my license? #overprotectivedadproblems

Anyway, last Sunday, my family and I went to IOI City Mall and had super late lunch cum dinner at Seoul Garden. My dad really likes eating at Seoul Garden as you’re only paying around MYR50 per person and you can eat whatever you want. I think we have eaten at Seoul Garden more than 5 times, closer to 10. I mean, I enjoy it too because I like to eat and I can stuff everything in my tummy. So worth the money spent.

Have you guys tried the new Isabelle scarf from Naelofar Hijab? My mom got a few of it and I love it so much especially in the colour crisp brown. I also like light grey, dark grey, and dusty blue! Metal grey, dusty magenta, and dusty pink are nice, too! All of the colours are really nice and I would have bought all of it if I have the kaching. #sadbrokestudentproblems

Before we went home, dad gave me some money and asked me to buy myself something from Sephora. I’m surprised he even knew Sephora and my love for makeup. Maybe because he’s been coming into my room and looked at my makeup collection that I put on display. Initially, I wanted to get a few tubes of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream but they didn’t have the shades that I wanted plus I have a lot of lipsticks already. I only have one mouth, no? So I opted for NYX Two Timer – Dual Ended Eyeliner. My gel liner from Maybelline has dried up and I am left with only a few pencil liners. I don’t know if I should make another review post or just write my thoughts about it in this post. Maybe I’ll make a separate post about the eyeliner. We’ll see. It depends on my mood, though.

So that’s all! Be seeing you. x

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