Sunday Out and About

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

You guys good today? I went to IOI City Mall with my family to have some Boat Noodle. It was the first time for my family but the fourth for me. BTW, why is it that we always have to queue for Boat Noodle? The line was crazy long! We had to wait for about 30 minutes before we could get a seat and I could see some people who already finished their food but were still talking and not thinking about others who were queueing. Hmph. Can you not be selfish, mister?

I usually had 4 bowls of noodle and a green tea drink when I had it with my friends but since it was with the family, I ordered a lot of food from the delicious tempura and chicken wings (I mean, they literally gave us chicken wings) to their omelette and rice which is super delicious btw although it was just plain rice with omelette. WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THERE THAT MAKE IT SO DELICIOUS, OH PEOPLE OF BOAT NOODLE?

After that, we went to Alamanda to watch a movie. Dad really wanted to watch London Has Fallen but the last show for today was at 3 pm so we booked the tickets for tomorrow. I was looking for MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter but they didn’t have it at Alamanda. So we went back to IOI City and bought it there. My sister broke her laptop charger so to be able to charge her laptop, it needs a converter so that she can use my charger.

Both pictures are basically the same though. But I wanted to show you how I style Naelofar Isabelle. This is the colour that I really love which I call it a coffee brownish colour. I’m trying so hard to get rid of the acne scars it’s not nice at all T.T Annoying T.T BUT WHAT’S WITH MY HAND?????

You gotta have the camera directly on your face you know with the flash and all that so your acne scars wouldn’t be as noticeable. BUT. Do I look like one of the Cullens now with the brown lens? *still obsessed with the Twilight Saga* *vampires exist* *thus Edward Cullen is real* *and still bae*

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