Erin Talks: Spotify Premium and New Blog Design from Vefio Themes

I am sorry for not posting much this week. I had some personal problems I have to go through and my mind was just not into it as I couldn’t focus but Alhamdulillah everything is over now and I can finally focus on my dearest blog. I wanted to blog about a lot of stuff but I hate publishing a post without taking proper pictures with my camera. I think I might be obsessed with high quality pictures that I would rather leave my blog without a new post for a few days until I can take out my camera, set everything up, and just take good pictures.  

A few days ago, I have been approached by Zalora Malaysia (Mrs. Aini) to do a collaboration with them. It is sponsored, I guess. I received a MYR100 voucher code to spend at Zalora for publishing that post. With that voucher, I ordered a new bag because if you haven’t guessed yet I’m obsessed with bags. I will surely do a sort of first impression/unboxing post about it. Besides that, she invited me to be a contributor on Zalora Community blog page. I am so excited about this but I am also scared because although this is a huge opportunity for me, it is also a huge responsibility because I need to come up with a unique blog post before I can be accepted to the community. I have yet to start on my article and I also need all the ideas that I can get because I really don’t know what I’m going to write about. Pray for me.  

ANYWAY! I solved the your card is declined problem on Spotify! I was so pissed living without my Spotify for months that I suddenly decided to call my bank and ask them what’s going on. Apparently, starting from 1/12016, Bank Negara has terminated online international transaction on every cards(?). We have to manually call our bank and ask them to unbar/unblock our card so that we can make online international purchases. So yeah! That’s how I got my Spotify back. I’m so happy.   And I also spent my money on a new blog template. I knew I said I wasn’t going to purchase them but it was on sale from USD25 to USD9 (MYR36) and I can’t help it I’ve been eyeing them for so long..I had to get it. Innalillah to my money. RIP. In case you’re wondering, I’m using Violin template from Vefio Themes on Etsy. All the templates are awesome I had a hard time choosing one for my blog.

What have you guys been up to these days? I tried doing some reading the other day with If I Stay by Gayle Forman but I was just not feeling it. Maybe because for the fact that I have watched the movie and I didn’t really like it so I kinda know what I’m going to feel about that book which is why I’m not interested to finish it.. I don’t know. But I spent sixty effin ringgit for the duo box set. Might as well finish reading it, right?

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