Fried Macaroni Recipe

fried macaroni recipe

Early this morning, mama came to my room and asked me to make fried macaroni for dinner today (she was busy watching Japanese drama. Bleh.) I actually have made this post on my old blog two years ago but that was taken with a crappy quality of camera phone and I’ve lost all of the posts. I should have downloaded the posts before deleting that blog, though. I published a lot of product reviews.. Hmph.  

Anyhow, let’s get on to the ingredients!

Tomato sauce
Chilli sauce
Holland onion
Azmy Daging Lembu Kisar (this one is really nice!)
Buttercup (planta also can)
Italian herbs (or mixed herbs)
Huntz Diced tomato
Salt & sugar

Cili giling! But this one was made by my mom. It’s tastier than those packaged ones in supermarket. Tak melayulah kalau makan tak pedas kan..

And your pasta. You can use any pastas you like, really. It doesn’t matter. If you wanna make spaghetti bolognese, use the same ingredients as above but add Prego. That’s it.

Dice your onions.

Use half of buttercup and melt it.

At the same time, boil some water, put some olive oil and salt to cook the pasta.

First: tumis all the onions you have cincang
Second: Dah nampak macam lembik lemau and wangi je bawang tu, put some cili giling. I usually put 1 or 1 and a half tablespoon of cili. Masak sampai garing. Kalau tak garing, nanti tak sedap. Add some cooking oil if the chilli looked dry.
Third: Put 1/2 or 3/4 of the meat. Add some water to soften the meat. Usually around 15-20 minutes
Fourth: Add Huntz Diced tomato. 1/2 tablespoon of sugar, some salt, a lot of tomato and chilli sauce.
Fifth: add the pasta in your sauce! Kacau kacau, jangan sampai hancur pasta ok. And make sure to not over boiled your pasta. Nanti lembik sangat, when you dah mix with the sauce, dia hancur. Done! That’s the easiest cooking instruction you’ll ever found on the internet. *pats self on the back*  

And now you can enjoy your pasta!

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