Something Borrowed Chain Bags from ZALORA

I am back again with another bag haul from ZALORA that I basically paid nothing for as I was offered to do another collaboration with them a few days ago by Miss Norain. To be completely honest, I really need somebody to stop me from buying more bags but I legit only browse for bags on every online store I go to. I have a problem, I know..  

I wanted to buy clothes but none of them fits my style, unfortunately. Shoes? I need to try on shoes in person before buying them therefore getting them online is a no-no for me. Makeup? For some reason the voucher can’t be used for makeup. I would have gotten the other 5 Maybelline Color Tattoo that I really like. Oh well. That only left me with one option: bags.  

There was this one forest green tote bag that I really liked but before I could check out, it was already sold out. I cried bloody tears. So I opted for smaller bags so my sister can use them too. (Mom forced me to share with her) (I didn’t really want to) (#consofbeingabigsister).

The first bag is Something Borrowed Double Strap Satchel Bag in beige. It looked sort of pinkish on the website but don’t be fooled, it’s actually in beige. It comes with a removable long chain. I would prefer using this bag without the chain, though. The chain looks kinda tacky to me.

This is how it looks like up close. Very sturdy bag but you do have to put something inside to get the desired shape. It looks flat without anything inside. I have a few crumpled papers and plastic inside to expand the compartment.

I can tell you that your belongings will be very secured in this bag as it has metal clasp closure and also zip fastening for the main compartment. On the inside, you have 2 pockets and 1 zipped pocket. A really nice bag if you’re going to run errands and have brunch with girlfriends ah so fancy! So very the mat saleh.

4 words. THIS BAG IS GORGEOUS. It’s the Classic Chain Crossbody bag, also from Something Borrowed. The stitching on the bag makes it more interesting and the chain is not tacky like the first bag! You can style this bag as crossbody or as shoulder bag. I would go for crossbody, though. Didn’t really like it as shoulder bag.

The gold closure is very cute. I wonder how this bag would look like if the closure and chain are in rose gold instead of just the usual gold? That would be really interesting. You only have 1 pocket inside but I don’t think you can really put anything in it because it is too small. The only thing that would probably fit in there is a few cards. The lining on the inside is brown. I’m not sure about the material but it is definitely fabric.  

Both of the bags are on sale for MYR49 (RP: MYR79) each so go get it if you’re interested!    

On a different note, I have Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer holder on my ZALORA bag that I use daily right now (not that I go out everyday I’m usually stuck at home with my laptop).  

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