What’s In My Bag? 2016

I am starting April with a what’s in my bag post! I have always loved watching what’s in my bag videos and I also did two videos in 2014 and 2015 you can watch them here and here. Seeing what people carry in their bag is intriguing. If you can’t tell from my posts, I am such a girly girl and anything beauty, bags, all that sort of stuff, I LOVE DEEPLY. This kind of posts give me ideas as to what I can bring in my bag to prevent further circumstances (read: not having sanitary pads when you get your period while you’re outside // yes it happened)

The bag I’m currently using is Michael Kors Small Sloan Python Crossbody Bag. You can style it as a shoulder bag or you can elongate the strap and style it crossbody. I love this bag so much. I eyed it for a few months actually and after a few coaxing, my dad gave in and bought it for me. BUT, I paid half of the price, okay? It was after SPM and I worked at that time so I paid dad back a fraction of the price. I don’t mind spending money on something that I have been eyeing for a long time.  

This is a small bag, not going to lie. It’s compact and I can’t even fit my wallet in it but that’s okay because there’s actually card slots and zipped part where you can put your card and cash. It has two opened compartments, a zipped compartment in the middle, and another small compartment at the front of the bag. Below is the picture of the card slots:  

1. Innisfree Jeju Peach Hand Cream // it smells so good! 2.Small coin purse from when I was little. Mom said I lost the other one at pre-school. 3.Elianto Organic Aloe Vera Make Up Cleansing Tissue // you don’t know when you’ve been out for too long and you just want your makeup off, right? Especially when you eyeliner starts creasing on you.. dang it.  

1. Gucci Sunglass in the style GG 2450/s // my eyeglasses are anti-glare but I wear contact lens when I’m out so having a pair of sunglasses is a must for me. 2. My phones HTC Desire 816 and iPhone 4 (my PMR gift from dad back in 2010. It holds a sentimental value to me) 3. Contact lens case just in case if I want to rewet my lens. 4.Handbag table hook from Daiso. 5.Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer 6. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film is a must for people with oily skin.  

In the zipped compartment, I have: 1. Ralph Lauren Romance baby perfume always come in handy when mom is already screaming at me to hurry up. 2. White River Falls shampoo and body gel you’ll never know. You’ll never know.3. Sanitary pads self-explanatory. All women need this in their bag. 4. Minyak cap kapak sakit perut and sakit kepala. You’ll never know.. 5. Tissue some places don’t provide tissue paper in their toilets. 6. Adhesive bandages I always get blisters on my toes.

That is it for my post!

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