May Collective Haul

I am back with a mini haul of stuff that I got for the past week or so. Two things that are not in this haul are my tempered glass and a clear case for my phone that I had been searching nooks and crannies for and I got them at The Mines. So kudos to that chinese akak who had them sold at her store and boo HTC counter. You didn’t even have my tempered glass and case *insert rolling eyes emoji here*

Dustproof plug

Although its main purpose is to block any dusts to get into your headphone jack of your phone, I totally 100% bought these for their aesthetic purpose because they are so cute! They are sold at RM10 for 3, at least at the store where I bought it.

Premium Nobluk contact lens in brown

These are the lens that I used before and I repurchased them because I loved how they looked and I loved how I looked when I wore them. RM30 including shipping, totally worth it! I bought it at @nislenshop on Instagram.

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer

I used this concealer on my blemishes two years ago and I loved it but I got a new one from NYX and I think the NYX one does a better job at hiding my blemishes. However, a few months back I tried my housemate’s concealer (which is this one) and I used it under my eyes. Surprisingly, it does a very good job concealing the under eyes and it’s very inexpensive so I’m saving a big bucks here. I think it retails for under RM20.

 Farra Beauty Super Glowing Foundation

I will do a review of this foundation and how I ended buying it (mom I’m looking at you) so please wait for that blog post. I am using it right now and I kinda have my opinions on it already but I’m not going to spoil it here! I bought it at @farrabeauty on Instagram for RM40 (offer price).

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks  

I will also do a review on these liquid lipsticks from Colourpop so wait for the blog post! I have told this story on my snapchat already (ID: erinvictus) but for the sake of those of you who have not followed me there, I actually wanted to buy two colours for myself but it was Mother’s Day the next day so I got the red one for mama. I went to her room in the middle of the night, woke her up from her sleep and asked her to choose which colour she liked best without telling her that I was buying it for her. The next day, I picked it up from my friend’s house (she’s selling this with a limited stock) and surprised mama along with a McCafe. They had Mother’s Day special price. One of these retails at RM40. I have another friend who sells Colourpop lipsticks if you’re interested (but a bit pricier): @hiccupsmakeups on Instagram.  

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul and I will be back with reviews on the contact lens, foundation, and liquid lipsticks. What are your thoughts of these? Have you tried any of them?

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