Premium Nobluk Lens Review

I actually wanted to write about how I started wearing contact lens but then I figured it would be better if I dedicate a whole blog post about eyeglasses, contact lens, and such so stay tuned for that blog post if you’re interested!   So for today, I will be doing a review about my new contact lens that I got from nislenshop on Instagram. To start off, my previous contact lens that I used was a Nobluk lens in brown but I got them from another Instagram shop that I forgot the name of. So I googled where can I get a Nobluk lens on Instagram and I came across @nislenshop. To be completely honest, the seller is not that friendly but I don’t mind as long as I got my lens, it’s alright to me. The lens was RM30, including shipping, and the wear time is 3 months, just like my old ones.  

She asked me which Nobluk do I want, they have two versions of Nobluk which are Hydro and Premium. She said the Hydro is much bigger (I think its diameter is 15mm) or Premium (14mm). The previous one that I have worn was kinda small so I went with Premium thinking that they are exactly the same. When the package came, the design on the lens looked exactly like my old ones.

But booooooy, I was wrong. They are nothing alike. They are completely different. I’m pretty sure that my old pair was not a Nobluk. I kind of prefer the old lens but the new ones are much softer in terms of colour. They don’t look fake to me. I want contact lens that when people see me wearing them, they don’t immediately think that “oh that girl is wearing lens”, I want something that looks natural. I have worn so many in the past and I pretty much went with brown/hazel or sometimes grey. Other than brown and grey, they are not what I favour.  


  • neutral colour which is what I like
  • very cheap, you can stock up a lot
  • 3 months wear-time
  • they look amazing on me!


  • have to order online to get
  • you can see the lens sliding downwards if you looked attentively in the mirror
  • the comfortability is so-so, the old ones are much more comfortable to wear
  • you know how with contact lens, the thickness differs? this one is definitely on the thin side so when they start drying (which is really fast because they are thin), contact lens eye drop is going to be your best friend


I really like this contact lens but I also like the Hydro ones. To be honest, I prefer the Hydro Nobluk but the ones I have now are gorgeous, too, so I am in a serious dilemma right here. I will keep repurchasing Nobluk lens in the future because in my opinion, they look very natural and I am comfortable with the Nobluk line.  

So which one do you guys prefer more?

UPDATE (26/7): just found out that my old Nobluk lens is not actually Nobluk. I bought a new pair from the old seller thinking that they were my old ones but they’re not 🙁

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