My Makeup Story

Hi everyone! I was doing my usual blogwalking on Bloglovin’ and I came across a blogger who did a My Makeup Story tag and I thought I would do that on my blog and tag a few of my blogger friends to do it too. It’s always fun to know how people start their makeup collection because you guys, makeup is fun!

How old were you when you started wearing make up?

I started wearing makeup when I was just 9 years old. My mom would buy me those kids makeup set in a box that has eyeshadows, blushers, and tons of lip colours and also glitters! However, my first ever purchased of real makeup was a Maybelline lipstick. It was pink and shiny and sadly they discontinued it.  

How did you get into make up?

My mom! She told me when I was little, around 4 years old I used to wear her red lipstick whenever and wherever we go. If we were eating out, of course after eating some of the lipstick would come off and she told me I would reapply my lipstick not giving a shit that people around me were looking at me. Lol!  

What are some of your favourite brands?

Some of my favourite brands would be Maybelline, MAC, and Bobbi Brown. NYX has some great products, too. Essence and Catrice are also worth checking out because they are very affordable (a bottle of foundation for less than RM30? What?!) if you’re just starting into makeup.  

What does make up mean to you?

To me, makeup is a hobby, not really a necessity. I wear them whenever I feel like it. I’m not one to cake up so many products on my face whenever I’m outside but you do you girl kudos to you for having that much patience and keep slaying xoxo   I use makeup to enhance my features and beauty (if I ever have any to begin with) such as covering the redness on my face with some bb cream, filling out my eyebrows to make them sharp and neat, and putting some lipstick and blush on to give some colours to my face. Sometimes I do heavy makeup but that is for certain occasions that need me to glam up and slay. Otherwise, I’d be happy with just lip balm on daily basis.  

If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?

That would be Laneige BB Cushion, Shu Uemura hard brow pencil, Maybelline HyperCurl mascara, and MAC Mineralize Rich lipstick in Glamour Era.  

What is your favourite thing about make up?

I love that makeup can transform your face into anything that you want to. I love that we can try out so many products to find out what works better on our skin. And I like that we can collect a ton of lip products and they still won’t be enough for our collection lol. There’s just so many colours, nudes, reds, pinks, purples, to suit one’s preference. It’s amazing.  

What do you think of drugstore vs high end make up?

Price tag does not define the product. I have drugstore items that work amazing and I also have some shitty expensive products that are just, NO but I try to make them work anyway because they’re pricey. It all depends on your preference and budget, honestly. With RM200 you can buy at least a palette at Sephora but at the drugstore, that 200 ringgit can buy you a lot!  

What is the one make up trend you’ve never understood?

Probably contouring and baking. I honestly think contouring only works for people with chiseled face, doesn’t really work on my hey-look-at-my-chubby-cheek face. And baking. I mean, why? Such a waste of precious loose powder.

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