5 Types of Blog Posts That Turn Me Off

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to talk about the types of blog posts that I don’t read. Now, I’m not saying what you should or shouldn’t post because it’s your blog and you have the complete authority to do whatever you want with your blog. However, there are some posts that I couldn’t be bothered to read and I’m sure some of you can relate to what I feel about them. Again, I am in no way throwing shades at other bloggers, this is just my opinion from what I observe in my many years of blogging.


I am sure all of you know what Nuffnang is by now. It’s a blog advertising company where we can make money from putting advertisements on our blog. Though I don’t particularly like putting ads on my blog, I do not mind if you do because let’s be real here — we all need money and if you can make money from blogging, I don’t see why not. I make money from sponsored posts too. What I do not like is bloggers showing off their nuffnang income. I get it, you’re earning RM573.50 and to me that’s a lot of money and good for you for making that much money off your blog but you don’t need to make a weekly post about it showing us your current earning. Go post something useful like “How to make money from blogging” instead.  


I love giveaways! Hell, I love doing giveaways more than joining them but too much of giveaway entry posts annoy the hell out of me. I am sorry for saying this but it is the truth. When 20 out of 23 posts you put up in a month are mostly giveaways, then you need to reconsider why you started your blog. I know that the prizes are awesome and all but be balanced, you know. If you entered 20 giveaways in a month, make sure you’re putting up 20 good contents, too. Or just make another blog for giveaways. I hate looking through your blog archive trying to find your contents in a sea of “Topup Giveaway by *blogurlhere*”.  


I don’t see this type of post as much as the above but it ticks me off too. What’s the point of you making a post about a current issue and linking another post from another blog in it? It’s either you go big or you go home — write it or leave it. I know that pageviews means a lot to bloggers but making a reader like me click on your post and then I have to be redirected to another blog to read the full story, then bye.  


Wordless Wednesday has been one of the famous blogging prompts for years! I used to participate in Wordless Wednesday way back when I was still in high school and it was an easy it’s-Wednesday-I-need-to-quickly-update-my-blog kind of post. You upload a meaningful picture with a little or no caption at all as the saying goes “a picture worth a thousand words”. That’s how you do Wordless Wednesday. I see people nowadays doing WW with a heck of a long block of texts. Just name it something else already because that post is clearly not ‘wordless’.  


I think we all at some point are guilty of doing this. Back when I was still in high school, I used to put up 30-40 posts per day. Yes, PER DAY. My pageviews skyrocketed and at 15 years old I felt like I had a great blog. Little did I know that quality is more important than quantity. I don’t mind personal posts, though. I like writing personal posts when I want you guys to catch up on my personal life and at the same time I want my personal posts to be beneficial to you, too, for example, in this post I talked about the tv shows and Spotify playlist I was loving and in this I talked about the colour of Naelofar Isabelle scarf that I really liked. I don’t remember where I read this but that don’t ever let your readers leave your blog without something new to learn so whenever I’m writing a post, I will make sure that anyone who reads it gets at least one new information. After all, blogging is all about sharing, right?  

This was a looooooong post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and take everything I said with a grain of salt, okay? You do you. Your blog is yours. So, do you have any type of posts that you don’t like to read or feel annoyed about? Do let me know!

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