TheBalm Nude Dude Palette Review

thebalm nude dude palette

Hi everyone! First of all, SASA IS HAVING A WAREHOUSE SALE up to 70% off! My friend went there today so I asked her to buy me the Nude Dude Palette. The original price of this palette is RM155 but I got it for RM50! All the palettes are either RM50 or RM60 and the blush, bronzer, and Mary-Lou Manizer are RM30 only!

Maybelline and L’Oreal have a buy 1 free 1 promotion so you guys really need to check it out! The promotion is until August 31st only and everything is selling out super fast.

I was contemplating between Nude Tude and Nude Dude but I went with Nude Dude because I didn’t like the white (Sassy) and yellow (Snobby) shades in Nude Tude and that’s two shades gone already.

I like the rosy and brown shades in Nude Dude palette as those are the shades I’m always geared towards. Both palettes are beautiful in my opinion but unlike Nude Tude, I like all the shades in Nude Dude palette.

(My mom swatched some of the shades already)

Fearless, Flawless, and Fabulous are matte. These are perfect for highlighting the brow bone, blending, and crease colour. Firm, Faithful, and Fit are shimmer, perfect for the lids.

Feisty and Friendly are matte. Friendly is a deep, dark purple shade. Flirty, Fierce, Funny, and Fine are shimmer shades. Fine is a shimmery dark brown shade. You can check this out for an in-depth comparison between the two palettes and swatches.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this palette because it has all the colours I like to use for my eyeshadows. For RM50 after discount, this palette is definitely a steal!

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