90+ Blogging, Beauty and Lifestyle Post Ideas

blog post ideas

Getting out of blogging rut can be rather difficult especially when you’re running out of ideas on what to post. I didn’t know what to post this weekend so I thought I would make a post about blog post ideas because I need some ideas and it would be good to post about it too so you see what I just did there? I have an old version of post ideas that I published a few months ago here. Every idea is taken from blogs I credited at the end of the post. I just chose posts I actually would consider for my blog. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. A day in the life of a blogger
  2. 3 things you struggle with as a blogger
  3. Why have you decided to start blogging?
  4. Share your blog stats and discuss how you achieved what you have or what steps you plan on taking to improve it
  5. How blogging improved your life?
  6. The blogs you read everyday without fail
  7. How you edit blog photos POST
  8. How you plan your blog posts
  9. Show us where you blog! POST
  10. Which apps are essential to blogging?
  11. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging?
  12. Share how you beat the blogging funk
  13. What have been your highlights of your blogging career?
  14. Things you have learned from blogging
  15. Compile your favorite blog posts you’ve read that week
  16. Your tips for organizing and planning your blog
  17. What fascinates you in the blogging community?
  18. What’s your favourite stock photo sites?
  19. Share any photography tips that you have
  20. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, what advice can you give to new bloggers?
  21. What did you do to grow your blog?
  22. Share your blogging essentials that you cannot live without POST
  23. How to start a blog
  24. Blog tips that have worked for you POST, POST, POST
  25. What do you look for in a blog?
  26. What makes you come back and read more?
  27. Your most favourite blog posts
  28. Share what would you buy for your blog if you have the funds


  1. Fashion/beauty/handbag wishlist POST
  2. Your favourite clothing or beauty brands
  3. Drugstore and high end favourites
  4. Favourite product from a specific brand
  5. Products that are/not worth the hype
  6. Current makeup routine POST (old)
  7. Beauty things I suck at
  8. What’s in your makeup bag?
  9. Beauty products you want to try
  10. Your everyday skincare items
  11. Review on a favourite or hated product
  12. Empties post POST
  13. Your go-to makeup tips that save time and/or money
  14. What lippies are currently in your purse
  15. Top 5 or Top 10 posts from a specific category (mascaras, eyeshadows ect.) POST, POST
  16. Your go-to products to get your makeup done in 5 minutes
  17. Products you love, and then began to hate
  18. Products you hated at first, and then started to love
  19. Your night time essentials
  20. Your most repurchased products
  21. Monthly wishlist
  22. Hidden drugstore gems
  23. A Blogger or YouTuber made me buy it
  24. Your favorite place to buy makeup and why
  25. Show us your makeup collection!
  26. First impression on a new product
  27. Holy grail products
  28. DIY face mask
  29. Share your must have item when you have little time to get ready
  30. Favourite life/hair/beauty hacks
  31. Makeup storage
  32. Cheap makeup brands
  33. Biggest purchase regrets


  1. Goals for the next/current month/week/year
  2. Weekly Finds – share some of the best articles you read this week
  3. 5 ways to unwind after a long day
  4. Your dream holiday destination
  5. Favourite apps on your phone
  6. Books that changed your life
  7. 3 things you’d like to try by the end of the year (with updates!)
  8. Share your weekend/fitness/night out routine
  9. Things that made you happy this week
  10. Best advice anyone ever gave you
  11. What’s in your bag? POST
  12. Give us a tour of your house/bedroom
  13. Are you redecorating? Show us a before and after!
  14. Show us your favourite candle
  15. Share a recipe POST
  16. How to save money
  17. Do you make use of any life hacks? Share them!
  18. Do a weekly roundup with your posts, images from Instagram or just talk about your week!
  19. Favourite budget recipes
  20. Favourite TV shows or movies
  21. Share something you collect
  22. How to survive your first week of college
  23. Share a “Do’s and Don’ts..” post about something you’ve got experienced
  24. Create something free to give away to your readers, like printable worksheets
  25. Share your to-do list for the day/week/weekend/month
  26. How to get through a break up
  27. Get ready with me post
  28. Things you regret not doing in life
  29. Your desk space essentials
  30. Favourite books/movies/band of all time POST
  31. List of things to be happy about
  32. 30 day challenge

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