My Bucket List

bucket list

I was searching for blog ideas just now and one of the suggestions was to create a bucket list. I’ve never made a bucket list in my whole life so this is definitely going to be interesting because I’m going to be including my short-term and long-term goals.

  • Get a driver’s license.
  • Learn Danish until fluent.
  • Get a lasik surgery.
  • Ride on a helicopter.
  • Try bungee jumping.
  • Learn to cook Malay dishes.
  • Go to a One Direction concert.
  • Complete the 93 blog posts.
  • Buy an iMac desktop.
  • Hit pan on all of the makeup I own.
  • Learn photography and how to take awesome flat lays.
  • Be a successful lifestyle/beauty/mommy blogger in the future.
  • Blog everyday for a month.
  • Get an eyelash extension at least once.
  • Ride on a hot air balloon.
  • Visit New York and go to their famous cafés and have a picnic at Central Park.
  • Visit Copenhagen, Denmark and take the canal tour in Nyhavn and go to Tivoli Garden.
  • Go to my boyfriend’s graduation in the UK next year.
  • Marry my best friend.
  • Enroll my toddler in ballet class so I can buy cute tutus.
  • Own an Hermés Birkin bag and Chanel Jumbo bag.
  • Buy a Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Move to Denmark.
  • Buy the Tiffany and co princess cut diamond ring.
  • Be a university faculty dean.
  • Be the minister of education.
  • Open a café + bookshop.
  • Write a book.
  • Buy a house with a room dedicated to beauty/closet/office.
  • Buy my mom a Chanel bag.
  • Perform hajj and umrah with my husband.
  • Host a soup kitchen.
  • Build a mosque.
  • Travel around the world with my husband when we’re old and rich af.

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