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I love doing Erin Talks posts because I can say anything that crosses my mind. If you knew me in real life, I’m that type of friend who couldn’t stop talking, you know? I’m very expressive and I talk a lot which probably why having a blog is the best decision I’ve ever done in my life.

I’m currently following two Malay dramas that are famous right now. I thought Lara Aishah was only going to be a 20-30 episode drama but little did I know that there are 100 episodes. That is 20 weeks for a drama! Not that I’m complaining or anything, it is a heavy drama adapted from a telenovela so 100 episodes is honestly nothing for a Latin America soap opera.

The soundtrack is so good though. Faizal Tahir is one of my favourite Malaysian performers (besides Awie). I have it on repeat (maybe you should too)

The second drama I’m following is Suri Hati Mr. Pilot. I gotta admit — I wasn’t into the hype before because of Fattah Amin. His acting in Playboy Itu Suami Aku left a really bad taste in my mouth that I never watched any of his drama again but my sister was a ‘cult’ follower of that drama and she always persuaded me to watch so today, I did.

And his acting is soooooooooooo much better than before! Kudos to him for working on his acting skills.

And can we just talk about Neelofa’s outfits?

Damn gals.

I love her outfits. I love her hijabs. I love everything she wears. Hell, I even want to go on a diet so I can have her body. We share the same height (she’s taller by half an inch) and I’m pretty sure if I get rid of a few kilograms (more like a lot of kilograms!) I will be able to slay everyone with my outfit. Gaaaaaaaaaah.

I want the hijab she created for this drama which are the Lady Warda, Queen Warda, and Classy Warda but everything is sold out already! I really like the way she wears her hijab so I tried styling my Naelofar Isabelle like how she does in the drama and I got it! I got it I got it I got it! I will do a tutorial on how I wear it soon.

Anyway, the point of my doing an Erin Talks post is I want to list down my draft posts that I still couldn’t publish because:

  1. No photos yet because I’m lazy to set up my camera
  2. I’m lazy to wear makeup for my review posts
  3. I’m just a lazy person in general

The day I stop being lazy is the day I flood your dashboard with my posts which is hopefully soon, though.

These are the posts that I am currently working on but without the photos, they’re worthless. I plan on working on the photos tomorrow which means that I have to wear proper clothes, proper hijab, and set up my tripod. I really hope that the weather is perfect tomorrow. I need as much sunlight as possible for the photos to turn out good.

Anyway, if you want to request a post or if you read something on my blog that you want a review of, please tell me in the comment down below. I’m adding it to my draft and if it needs my own photos (such as reviews or swatches), I will take the appropriate photos tomorrow. Talk later!

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