How I De-Stress

how to de-stress

I am going to say this out loud:

I am a procrastinator.

I mean, a good majority of us is a procrastinator in some way but during my time in college (I’m currently taking a gap year in the middle of my Bachelor’s degree because I can), my time management was horrible.

I did my assignments and projects on the very last minute and they burned me alive when I had 3 thousand word of journal review for two subjects taught by the same lecturer that needed to be passed up on the same week and I only had 3 days before the first due date.

I can do work better under pressure and although I appreciated all the pressure I could get to do my assignments in college, I just do not appreciate the consequences of the pressure on me. I did not get enough sleep and I felt like life has been sucked out of me. These are what I usually do to de-stress.

I sleep

I remember coming home from passing up my assignments at the faculty going straight to bed. I turn off the lights, turn on the air-conditioner and I sleep. Sleeping cures 50% of my stress (and sleepiness!) and my housemates knew better than to disturb my sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, make yourself a cup of chamomile tea or the normal tea is also fine.

Sticker hunting at Mr. DIY

I study at MSU and if you’re familiar with that university, Tesco is just right beside my uni. I love going to Mr. DIY there and just go through their notebooks and stickers isles. Seeing cute things really make a whole lot of difference to me. I love buying stickers for my journal because they’re so inexpensive and you get a lot of choices. And I feel less bad spending money on 10 packs of stickers each time I go there for a stress-release.

I take a hot shower

My mom doesn’t allow us to use water heater because she said that it will ruin our skin but I do have water heater at my apartment in uni and taking a hot shower definitely helps. I’m not one to spend a lot of time in the shower but I can definitely spend around an hour under the hot shower.

My apartment in uni was really cold because we only have air-conditioner and no ceiling fans and when it gets so cold at night, taking a hot shower feels amazing. I put on my pajama pants afterwards and a fresh pair of socks and I’m ready for bed.

I read

I bring a couple of books to uni mostly for decoration purposes but after a long week I deserve some time to devour myself in books and just relax. I read not because I’m eager to finish the book but I just wanted to read something to take my mind off things.

I write in my journal

Do you know that keeping a journal is really good for your mental health? You do not need an expensive journals like Moleskine (although having one wouldn’t hurt you except maybe financially), a cheap notebook will suffice. You can write whatever and whenever you want, there is no rules in journalling.

I love writing on my journal while watching tv shows. It makes it a little bit more fun. I write, I draw, I make lists, and I trash people I don’t like in it. It’s better than trashing people online, right? And it’s good for the soul too.

I watch chick-flick movies

Nothing like a good selection of chick flicks to watch. I can rewatch these movies over and over again because they’re my favourite.

So what do you do to de-stress?

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