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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a review and demo of MAC lipsticks to the point where I felt guilty of not doing yet. Honestly, it’s not hard to google swatches and reviews of these lipsticks but I couldn’t ignore my blogger friends who requested it so here goes nothing.

Half of these are mine and the other half is my mom’s. I figured if I wanted to do a demo, I should do hers as well. More shade options for you to pick, no?

I have two lines of MAC lipsticks which are the normal lipstick that looks like bullets and the Mineralize Rich that is slightly taller and wider than the bullet lipsticks. The ‘bullet’ lipstick costs about RM78 (was RM74) while the Mineralize Rich lipstick retails at RM110 (was RM97). MAC Malaysia increases their prices like nobody’s business. Currency sucks.

The bullet lipstick has 9 finishes in the range but I have only ever bought their matte finish. What can I say about MAC lipsticks that everyone doesn’t know yet? They’re absolutely great. I gotta be honest with you, since I’m on the MAC lipsticks bandwagon, I haven’t used any of my other lipsticks (excluding NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream because it is my favourite liquid lip formula). I feel bad for my other lipsticks but the colours I got from MAC are so beautiful I only want to wear them when I have somewhere to go.

They are super pigmented and you do have to apply a few times for a smooth application because they are matte and matte lipsticks tend to have drier formula but the lipstick itself will not dry you out. Just make sure to apply vaseline or any lip balms on your lips before applying the lipstick. For a better matte effect, wipe the excess lip balm on your lips first.

They are not as long lasting as liquid lipsticks but unless you’re eating greasy food and chugging down bottles and bottles of water, then the colour will stay on your lips. You can always reapply your lipstick later in the day.

My mom loves this range! She went through a few of these lipsticks and I, myself have never went through a whole lipstick in my whole life.

The packaging is a bit more posh with magnetic closure and curvature towards the middle of the lipstick. If you don’t like matte lipsticks and wanted something moisturising and hydrating throughout the day, definitely go with this range. They are pricier than bullet lipsticks but if you have extra to spend on, I’d say go for it.

What I really like about this range is the shade Glamour Era that gives me a nice nude stain even after the colour has come off. I used to wear this a lot because it is hydrating, perfect when you have classes in an air-conditioned room the whole day.

Pink Plaid: I thought it would look very pink on me but it doesn’t! It’s a cool toned blue based pink and the sales assistant said that not everyone can pull off this lip colour. I would suggest going to the store and trying it on first before you purchase.

Velvet Teddy: The perfect brownish nude for me. I can’t go one or two shades lighter if I want to look not dead. I bought this because of the hype surrounding it and it was one of the best purchases ever.

Diva: My mom purchased this vampy burgundy colour because the sales assistant told her that this is the colour that Neelofa always wears. My mom likes Neelofa a lot so she bought it. You don’t have to wear any makeup to rock this lipstick shade, trust me. This lipstick alone will make you feel like you run the world. Ya go gal.

Mehr: I wasn’t going to purchase this because I thought it looked a lot like Velvet Teddy but the SA told me to just try it first and ooooooh my god. It is a gorgeous rosy, mauve-pink colour that looks like a pink version of Velvet Teddy. I was sold!

Glamour Era: A mix of brown, peach, and pink. Neutral shade.

Red Coquette: It complements my skin tone so well. This shade is not as intimidating as other red shades.

Elegant Accent: The lipstick that my mom repurchased twice because she liked it a lot. She was going to purchase it again but I told her to just get another colour already.

Lady At Play: Quite similar to Elegant Accent with a bit more orange.

Divine Choice: Described as a mid tonal pink shade that looks purple on me. It does bring out the blue in my contact lens, though.


I know that for some people (including me!) 78 ringgit is too much to spend on a lipstick but if you want to try and own at least one MAC lipstick, I would suggest going to the counter and ask the assistant which colour that would suit you best for everyday wear. You don’t want to be spending a fortune on a lipstick shade that you’re only going to wear once or twice.

I hope you enjoyed my review and swatches! Which colour do you like? And which one do you think look the best on me?

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