The Sunday Currently: Vol. 2

A week went by just like that and I’m back again with the Sunday Currently. How are you guys doing today? I made rosemary grilled chicken with mashed potato and they were so good! I haven’t made that in quite a while so today totally relived just how much I love making that. Click here for the recipe.

– Reading

I feel like I shouldn’t even include reading in my Sunday Currently because I haven’t read a single page of my novel since last week’s Sunday Currently.

– Writing

Nothing in particular at the moment. However, I do need to write blog posts of all bulk photos I took last week. My go-to makeup look is up tomorrow at 8AM!

– Listening

I was not listening to any music prior to this part but Amy Search – Tiada Lagi was on pause on my Spotify.

– Thinking

… of migrating my blog to WordPress. I’m currently on the hunt for the best hosting fee and Blogger to WordPress migration service. I think I have found them but I need at least RM500 for hosting, hiring somebody to migrate my blog, and a template. I’m not migrating anytime soon but I’m hoping I’m able to do so next year before my domain expires. But first, I need to top up my WordPress fund (BR1M 2017!).

– Smelling

Right now, I smell like raw chicken and rosemary. I just put a batch in the oven for dinner and another batch later for my brother to bring to his campus hostel.

– Wishing

… that I get to blog using WordPress! I can start an online shop on my blog just in case I want to sell preloved stuff or anything else that I feel like. I can do so much more on WordPress and to be honest I have fallen out of love with Blogger.

– Hoping

Is it weird that I’m not hoping for anything right now? Just for things to get better, you know. Who doesn’t want that?

– Wearing

MNG top with Tesco boxer short. Their pyjama pants and shorts are my favourite!

– Loving

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream. Works wonders on my dry, flaky skin!

– Wanting

A white bed sheet set so I can take great photos on my bed.

– Needing

Just some money, maybe. I’m currently trying to save money and not spend on things I don’t need.

– Feeling

Anxious. It happens occasionally.

– Clicking

… on my mouse.

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