10 Type of Posts I Will Always Read

10 types of posts

Hey pretty gals. I’m a heavy blog reader. Two days of not going through Bloglovin’ feed means I’m spending 5 hours the next day reading five thousand three hundred and twenty-six posts from five hundreds or so blog I have followed. It’s that many. Here’s a list of 10 type of posts I always read:

#1 Anything Denmark posts

I never feel jealous of anyone posting their travel diaries overseas because I don’t get jealous easily but Denmark is my kryptonite. I’ve never clicked so fast on anything other than Denmark-related.

“How to Spend 48 Hours in Copenhagen”
“A Weekend in Copenhagen”
“Copenhagen Travel Guide”
“An Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen”
“Copenhagen Trip”
“Copenhagen, Denmark”

Anything Denmark, really.

#2 Haul posts

I’m living vicariously through reading other people’s blogs about the brand new stuff they have just gotten. I love reading haul posts. Some might think that posting hauls on your blog is bragging but I don’t agree with that. If you think posting hauls is bragging, than the blogging community is not the place for you. There’s a fine line between sharing and bragging, though. You just have to know the differences.

I will basically read any types of haul. Heck, I’ll even read baby stuff hauls just because.

#3 Wedding related posts

‘Cause I’m not yet married and seeing other people getting a step closer to the holy matrimony makes me all giddy inside and a little bit jealous especially when I’m in a long distance relationship and marriage is not happening anytime soon.

I just don’t wanna see a close up picture of your Tiffany & Co. engagement ring, is all. Happy for you.

#4 Disappointing makeup product posts

My all-time favourite beauty post is disappointing makeup products ’cause 5 less products to purchase!! Or if any of my wish list products got stuck on someone’s disappointing post, I can immediately cross it out and save more money. I know that every product works differently on different people but I’m fussy and any bad reviews mostly means higher chances of me not buying it.

#5 List posts

List posts is probably the easiest type of post to read and write. But, it’s also one of the most boring posts to read if not written properly. I usually just skim through boring list posts like I always do with 20-paragraph posts that don’t know what ‘Enter’ button is. You know what I mean.

#6 Wish list posts

Who doesn’t like reading wish list post? To date, I have done around 7 wish list posts and none of them is completed because I have expensive taste but my pocket consists of 80% dust and 20% cash money.

#7 What’s in my bag posts

From watching 2008 JuicyStar07 What’s in my bag video to reading 2016 What’s in my bag posts on Bloglovin’. I, my friend, have come a long way. I evolved. I love being nosey. I love knowing that I’m not the only one who hoards receipts in her bag.

#8 A day in a life of a blogger posts

If I were to do a day in a life of a blogger post, you’d see me in bed all day and only getting up for a nice quick shower and food and that 7 pm soap opera on TV3. But I do enjoy reading this type of post what with the white-themed office and a MacBook and coffee and enough natural lighting ’cause it’s been raining in my area yo. And I don’t have a white-themed office so I prefer living vicariously just ’cause.

#9 Skincare routine posts

Reading skincare routine posts are so much more beneficial than beauty posts because to achieve flawless makeup, your skincare must comes first which I found out about a little too late. I’ve always thought that you can cover even the worst type of acne with makeup but honestly when your skin looks good, your makeup will look good too so I’m always reading skincare posts to know other people’s tips and tricks. However, I do prefer reading skincare tips from people who have overcome problematic skin ’cause I can definitely relate with them and I wanna know their secret!

#10 Blog-related posts

Everyone loves reading blog-related posts including me especially “New Blog Design!” ’cause having beautiful theme for your blog gives you a satisfaction that you own something so beautiful and precious that you can call yours. After going self-hosted, I can proudly say that my blog is 100% mine. If my server is down, I have no one else to blame but myself. K.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! So what type of posts you love reading?

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