5 Items I’m Lusting After

5 items i'm lusting after
These are the items that if-I-had-the-money-I-would-spend-it-on-them first. All items are purely developed by lust because I’m an appreciator of everything nice in the world and someone like me needs to buy them so they can feel appreciated and this is just my lust talking #bye.

Sudio Vasa Rose Gold White | RM320
I’ve been eyeing this earphones from Sudio for a few months now. It’s white with rose gold accent and it makes a great prop for taking photos too. I hope it’s more durable than Earpods though..

Olympus Pen E-PL7 | RM2099 (avg.)
Olympus Pen has got to be my favourite camera that I would love to own. They have recently come out with the new E-PL8 but I’m not quite fond of the design. I know I probably won’t be buying it anytime soon because I have my EOS 60D and I’m not even a camera enthusiast but the Olympus Pen is gorgeous! It’s more compact than my DSLR so I can actually bring it along with me when I’m outside and not feel like I have a 10 pound rock in my bag. 💖

MAC Lipstick | RM78
My guilty pleasure is looking at swatches online and making a mental list of shades that I wanted to purchase. The worst thing about it is most of the shades in my list are either slightly lighter or darker than each other. Who needs 5 different shades of nude pinks, right?

PANDORA Rose My Princess Tiara Ring | RM340 (approx.)
I have never been a fan of gold accessories just because I don’t think gold looks as good as silver does on me but anything rose golds, hold up let me on the bandwagon. And I’m basically a princess so I need this in my life.

Holly & Weave template by Pipdig.co | RM270 (preview)
This is the effin’ two hundred and seventy ringgit template that I talked about in my last Sunday Currently. So many blogs are using this template now I kinda feel less excited about it but I really like the design. To think of, this template is too simple to be worth 270 ringgit. What annoys me the most is this template was initially sold for $49 (around RM210) but they increased the price to $59! The Blogger and WordPress versions are sold at the same price but you can do so much more on the WordPress version than on Blogger so I really think they need to reconsider and make it $49 again. Or maybe I’m just bitter that it’s so expensive. #CurrencyPlease.

What are you lusting after?

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