My 7 Blogging Sins

7 blogging sins
There are a few things that I do not do for my blog which I probably really should (or what I do which I probably better of not doing) so let’s go through the 7 blogging sins I’m shamelessly guilty of.

I don’t own white/marble backgrounds

For some reason I don’t have any crisp white surface in my house that I can use as background for my photos. I even thought about using white A4 paper for individual product photos but I’ve never gotten around to trying it. If you did see me with white background in my photos in the future, that’s Tesco brand white A4 paper 70gsm.

I don’t join any giveaways

I’m just going to be blunt and tell you why I don’t join any — I hate having to do entry posts just to enter giveaways. I know that in my first giveaway I had the participants done the same thing and I absolutely hated it so in my second giveaway, I used Rafflecopter form that was very easy to join — no entry posts needed. I know I probably won’t win anyway so I’ve never been bothered to join.

I hate Google followers gadget

I want people to follow my blog but I just don’t like having the gadget on my blog. I did move the gadget into a Page which I linked in the dropdown on the navigation bar and I can’t stand having that, too so I removed it. You can either follow my blog manually or follow me via Bloglovin’ which is what I prefer more.

I have no CBOX

Just like followers gadget, I don’t like having chat box on my blog. I know that it’s easier for visitors to leave a message but then that’s just.. that. A message. I know it because I do it too — I visit people’s blogs and I leave a message saying “blogwalking” with a smiley and if there’s any indication that the blog I’m visiting always do follow back, I follow their blogs and leave a longer message like “blogwalking and followed x” just to get them to follow me back. And then I’m left with a crowded dashboard full of posts that I don’t personally read. I do appreciate visitors leaving messages and I will continue leaving messages on blogs I visit for the first time but I’m just not going to have that on my blog anymore.

I don’t care about DA/Alexa rank/SEO/Google Analytics

In my opinion and research I did, these are only important if you monetise your blog and you need all the help to get more page views and higher ranks. I don’t know what domain authority does, Alexa rank is only important for brands to consider you for sponsorship and advertisements, SEO is to get your blog on the first page of google search, and google analytics is just too hard for me to understand and I ain’t got no time for that..

I suck at taking flatlays

One of the struggles I have with blogging is definitely taking pictures for my posts. I’m not artistic, I don’t even have an ounce of art skills in me so I find photography really hard for me to learn especially flatlays. I don’t have the appropriate props (or I just couldn’t be bothered to scavenge around my house) and I don’t have the patience.

I judge a blog by their design

The first thing I notice about a blog when I visit them is their blog design. The use of colours and fonts are really important to me in deciding whether I like a blog or not. Now, you definitely do not need to buy a premade template for this because I know Eeca Shyaa made her own template and her design is beautiful! I hardcore judge a blog by their design and I don’t like that I do that to every single blog I visit but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this, right?

Well that concludes the 7 blogging sins that I do. So what’s your ‘sin’?

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