My Day in Numbered List (and exciting news!)

day in life

Day in life

1. Woke up. “Wait. What time is it now? I thought I just went to bed like, five hours ago? It’s already eleven? Whatheck.”

2. Ooooooh. That must be Poslaju! Goes downstairs to get the mail WITHOUT brushing my teeth just because.

3. Not that excited because it wasn’t mine. I ordered Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder for my mom and it came from the supplier. Beautiful powder by the way. Who wants a review?

4. Swatched the powder while ooh aah-ing. Still haven’t brushed my teeth.

5. *Last niiiiiiight I lay in bed sooooo blueeeeeee…..* WHO IS CALLING ME AT 12PM WHAT ISSUE DO YOU HAVE WITH ME????

6. Oh. It’s Aida. Probably sending the lunchbox I ordered from her yesterday and also to get her Kendall Black Gold glasses that she ordered from me which is gorgeous by the way.

7. Told her to wait because I needed to brush my stinking teeth. Ain’t gonna go out to see my junior from high school with bad breath it’s disgusting. Only family allowed.

8. I’M HUNGRY. But of course being a good mother she insisted (more like forced) us to take a shower first before lunch.

9. I’m only showering because I wanted to eat, okay?

10. This kuah asam is so full of belacan I might get an allergy reaction later in the evening but good god it’s so good.

11. Now, what do I do?

12. …

13. …

14. …

15. Checked my emails. I have six email accounts please bear with me. And no, Hermo, I don’t care about your up to 70% off on #HMALLTIMEFAVOURITE. *dies a little*

16. Oooooh they replied! I’m so excited!

17. I’m so pumped I might just do work downstairs instead of binge watching Elementary on my bed.

18. Gotta play that Oldies playlist on Spotify because girl needs to be in the mood.

19. This chair is uncomfortable. My spine needs to be in a horizontal position aka I need to lie down.

20. Girl needs some Barry Allen after doing work. Thank god for Draco Malfoy (I refused to call him Tom) — excellent British accent you have there, luv.


22. Goes to YouTube to find a video to Boyz II Men song I’m currently listening while doing this blog post but got stucked on KathleenLights’ new beauty video instead. But here you go sorry for the delay:

23. Referring to point 16, I will be doing another template giveaway! Wait for the details tomorrow, November 5th at 8.30AM! (hint: two winners!)

24. That goddamned belacan.

25. So how’s your day?

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