2017 Resolution of A (soon-to-be) 22-Year-Old

I can’t believe that 2016 is leaving us in 5 days. Where has the time gone?! I was going to get this post up exactly at 12 AM, January 1st but what the heck I’m just gonna get this up today ’cause I’ve already finished typing it. I just had to change the intro a little bit and it’s good to go.

Speaking of new year, of course I do have quite a few number of resolutions that I hope I can achieve in 2017. Now, you’d expect huge things from a 22 year old like saving money to buy a house, getting engaged/married, buying a car or something but let’s be real here — that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. Hah.

2017 resolution

Getting driver’s license

It’s something that my dad has recently agreed to and I’m hoping that I can register for my driver’s class in a few months maybe? My dad has always been an overprotective dad and he finally realised that having a driver’s license is really important.

Losing weight (13 kg)

Honestly speaking, I am comfortable with my own body and I don’t mind being a little bit chubby (158cm/58kg) but I’ve just had it with people complaining or saying straight to my face that I gained weight than the last time they saw me. I know I gained weight and I know I don’t look like how I did before but I could care less, y’know?

As long as I’m still healthy and I’m still not overweight, then that’s totally fine by me.

But I do want to lose some weight somehow so I’m doing this for myself and not for anyone. Doing things for other people is just bollocks. I don’t have time to be a people-pleaser lol.

Saving money

I am the worst person when it comes to saving money. I cannot see money in my bank accounts without itching to purchase something online. It’s one of my bad traits that I wish I could do something about.

I have been home for 10 months and although I do not have a job, I do have source of income but my money is like waiting for rain in the drought — useless and disappointing. Sobs.

So for 2017, I’m not going to touch the money I get every month and whatever I make from my blog in that year (mainly from sponsored posts hopefully), I will not touch a cent of it. I’ll keep track of my income and expenditure and I will make it my life’s mission to not spend money on unimportant things.

Achieving minimalist makeup

I’m thinking about downsizing my makeup collection. Now, I do not have a lot of makeup nor am I using all of them so I decided to hit pan on all of my makeup products this year and only repurchasing staple products that I really like and really need and really use.

My makeup goals is to have minimalist makeup full of mid/high-end products that I use and love. I’m not saying that drugstore products are not good ’cause some of them are and I use drugstore too like who doesn’t, right? But it’s just my personal goals to have my makeup collection only from mid/high-end brands if and only if I can afford it.

Learning how to cook

Malay dishes are really hard to make ’cause there is just so many ingredients to remember and I suck at remembering recipes so I will dedicate a notebook to write down my mom’s recipe. I don’t have any problems with basic cooking skills but I really wanna learn how to make sambal, curry, asam pedas, and gulai/lemak kuning.

Getting flawless skin

This is something that I have been struggling with for the past year and a half. I’ve had clear skin all throughout my high school year, got a terrible acne breakouts when I was 19 (2014), fixed it, had clear skin until March 2015 when I scoffed down a lot of seafood in one night. When I said a lot, I mean a lot. My allergy has gotten worse with time where it has come to the point where I can no longer eat seafood as much as I would like to.

Why does my scarring take a long time to disappear, I don’t even know to be honest. I just hope that they will disappear so I can have my clear skin back. Fortunately they are not as bad as before but I’m still not completely satisfied with my current skin condition and I hope that it gets better soon.

I know I have a typical resolution like everyone else but I think 2017 is about improving myself and sorting out what I’m lacking so I can be a better version of me, if that makes sense. I just wanna be a better person in general and there are a lot more that I wanna change about myself such as my attitude.

I know sometimes I do and I react to certain things wrong so I wanna fix that part and just kind of improve my overall attitude at par with my age. I’m turning 22, for God’s sake! I should behave like one and leave my 2010-self behind.

Anyhow, I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2017 will bring you joy and kindness in your life! Cheers to another year of blogging x

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