30 Thoughts I Have After Moving to WordPress


I don’t have to feel bad for not having chatbox and Google followers gadget on my sidebar anymore.

You lot who join and make giveaway entries 10 times a day will regret it if you migrated. Gotta save some MB on that disk storage and ooooh boy, who knows one image could take up a lot of space.

Blogger stats are so wrong! Back when I used Blogger, I always have StatCounter tracker on my blog. For example, I get 700 pageviews in a day on Blogger but on StatCounter it says that I’m only getting 400 pageviews so I thought my StatCounter must be wrong. Now that I’m using StatCounter on my WordPress blog, the pageviews on both WordPress stats and StatCounter are close to each other if not, the same. Blogger stats include pageviews from bots and spam so your 20,000 pageviews a month is probably not accurate. Bummer.

You’re more inclined to post quality contents rather than fluff contents.

You will care about followers but not the number of your followers. I used to compare my Blogger followers with other blogs but now not anymore. I feel free.

I check my bandwidth usage everyday. I’m now at 42% usage, thank god.

Removing irrelevant contents and photos is an accomplishment. I managed to save up a lot of disk storage.

I started caring about SEO even more with Yoast SEO plugin. I’m not obsessed with SEO or anything but I hate it when I get a ‘red’ on one of my posts for not complying to their SEO rules.

Having 880 malicious attacks already blocked on my site in just 3 weeks scares me. Should I be worried?

I’m terrified to play with my blog theme coding but there isn’t nothing much to change, if that.

Oh, I’m thinking of doing this and this on my blog” Don’t worry, hon, there’s a plugin for that. God bless plugin. Plugin is a lifesaver.

I don’t miss that lousy Blogger dashboard at all.

With Blogger I always felt like I was under a large cloud with my tiny little friends ie. other bloggers seeking refuge. But now, I feel like I’m the cloud. I’m in my own world with no one else but me. My blog is my blog and I’m not sharing it with anyone, you gettin’ what I mean?

I always thought that “what if my 500MB disk storage is not enough omg omg I’m terrified” which may be true in a couple of years but for now I still have 290MB left and I only upload my featured image here and other images on imgur.com. Lifesaver!

Managing a self-hosted blog is actually not that hard. Of course you have to update everything by yourself but that’s only if there’s an update (and honestly it can be done with a click of a button) and if anything goes wrong you can just contact your web host or theme developer lol. Soz not soz.

I think less about tweaking my blog design and more about the actual planning of blog posts. I’m satisfied with my homepage layout and I love my font it’s perfect.

I’m thinking about upgrading my hosting all the time — okay, maybe not 24/7. The cheapest one suits my needs for now but y’know me, always feelin’ anxious that my storage isn’t enough..

I have so much more to worry about since I’m practically alone. It’s a bit more daunting but nothing that I can’t handle myself.

I pray to God that my site does not exceed its bandwidth limit. I’d probably leave it be until the end of the month LOL.

I wish I knew better and started my blog on WordPress. If your Blogger blog has gotten big with more than 15000 pageviews a month, migrating to WordPress is a really bad idea unless you don’t care about losing all those views and starting from scratch to build your stats again.

Not gonna lie, it feels fancy.

I’m glad that I made the decision to migrate because I wanted to and not because I saw other bloggers did it.

I’m obsessed with using headings and horizontal line in my posts. Makes it a little bit more organised!

I can now publish a password protected blog post!!! Not that I want to but who knows I might password protect my resources after this. Soz not soz.

I am no longer enjoying using stock photos in my posts especially when WordPress seems oh so ‘professional’ but you gotta use what you got, girl.

I like how my uploaded photos are all in one place and adding uploaded photos from old posts to a new post is easier than ever.

Okay — the dashboard is complicated but I will still prefer this over…. this.

I like how we have category and tag separately. By the way, Quick Edit is a godsend!

It took me days to finish this post! 30 thoughts is a lot!

I’m en route to being the ProudDuck.com 2.0! Still missing: husband, kids, own fashion brand and online retail empire. Soz not soz.

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