10 Unpopular Opinions No One Asks For

The ten unpopular opinions that are uncalled for but I’d still post it anyway:

01. I think cats are terrifying but maybe that’s just because I have ailurophobia. I do think they’re cute though and I wish I didn’t have cat phobia.

02. I hate the weekends because my soap operas are on break. Only hating on it for 2 more weeks, though. I’m going back to campus in a month and I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking forward to the weekends every single second.

03. Pipdig themes are so overrated and overused but I really, really want one! One Opulence theme for WordPress, thank you very much.

04. I don’t like pizza that much so I always order spaghetti at Pizza Hut. One or two slices of pizza are enough for me.

05. I grew out of watching Korean dramas once I hit that 20 year old mark. I’m 22 now and I forgot the last drama I watched until the last episode. Taiwanese dramas, however, is a different story but I only watch the ones with Jerry Yan. Soz.

06. Being organised is super hard and I rather remember everything at the top of my head than writing them down and planning my week ahead of time but I do have a planner ’cause everyone owns one. I still use it but not as much as I had hoped for.

07. As a Malaysian whose first language is Malay, I do think that everyone especially the youngsters nowadays need to learn English and comprehend them like you would in school with poems (so we won’t misunderstood each other lmao). I’m probably biased ’cause I’m going to be an English teacher one day (in shaa Allah!) but there’s no harm in mastering another language.

08. I think it’s okay if you don’t dream big. It’s okay if you don’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer or own a multi-million ringgit business and big houses and shiny new sports cars. It’s okay if you prefer being a nurse or a teacher or a homemaker with white picket fence house ’cause as long as you’re happy and content, why bother being something you don’t wanna be.

09. dUCk scarves are overrated. Please don’t hate me for saying this hahaha it’s an unpopular opinion for a reason. They’re beautiful and all but good god the hype around it is overwhelming. I would love to own a few scarves one day after the hype has all died down.

10. Atkins diet is not healthy!!!!!!!! Plus, I love my carbs too much. Rice and spaghetti and assortment of breads and pastries, come to me.

Do you have any unpopular opinions to share with me? Do you prefer McDonald’s spicy fried chicken or KFC’s?

10 unpopular opinions

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