5-Minute ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Routine

5 minute no makeup products

I don’t wear makeup everyday ’cause admit it — we are not always photo-ready 7 days a week. I spent the whole December days last year not having any makeup on because I didn’t have anywhere to go except for New Year’s Eve where I went out with my extended family for dinner.

I have different makeup looks for different places I’m going on a particular day. If I’m going somewhere fancy, I would have blusher, highlighter, and even eyeshadow put together for when I want to S L A Y that day but most of the time minimal makeup is what I prefer.

Here’s my take on I’m-going-to-Tesco-mom-is-screaming-hurry-up no-makeup-but-I-need-to-look-alive look.

Believe it or not, the Essence Cosmetics UV Base Moisturizing Make-Up Base is one of the only two primers I own. I purchased this because everyone was raving about using a primer so I thought why not I get a cheap one to try. Surprisingly, it works so well with my skin and foundations I have despite the cheap price tag. It’s very lightweight and it keeps my makeup stays longer. However, it does leave a white cast so one layer of application is enough. I tend to focus around my cheeks and chin area as those are the driest areas on my face. Talk about dry patches…

I got the Rachel K CC Cream Blemish Balm for free when I purchased my Sleek MakeUp palette a few years back. This is a tricky product to use as the suitability depends on people and not your skin type. I used to hate this product when I had oily skin and loved it after trying it again. Now that my skin is dry, I do still love it but I have to have a super hydrating and moisturising base before I can think about using this CC cream. I personally think this CC cream caters to people with no blemishes who just want a light coverage. I don’t mind about the light coverage as long as it helps with evening out the redness of my skin.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm is definitely my ultimate lip colour but better. I look like I’m not wearing any lip product as the nice pinky nude shade is very similar to my lip colour. I believe the shade London and Abu Dhabi are quite similar to Stockholm but they are always out of stock at Sephora so I’ve never been bothered to get them. Thank god Hermo.my restocks them if you’re looking for this lip cream!

The Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara is one of my favourite mascaras from Maybelline. I ordered this mascara (it was on buy one free one) along with a L’Oreal foundation back in November but I still haven’t received them until now. I really need to throw this one out ’cause I’ve had it forever and it has almost dried out but the new ones are not here so I can’t throw it out yet (I hate throwing out old products before buying new ones). I hated this mascara at first because I thought it did nothing to my lashes but of course you’ve gotta try them a few times to know if they’re suitable for you or not and I loved it after a few tries. It’s a waterproof mascara so it doesn’t budge, it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t crumble at all. I really love this mascara.

I’m blessed in the brow department because I have dark and thick eyebrows all thanks to my dad’s side of the family. They are thick and dark so I always tweeze the stray hair once a month so they look neat but it also depends on my mood on that particular month. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll tweeze more so they will look thinner and sharper but sometimes I want a bushy type of brows so I tweeze the stray hair on the bottom tail and above my brows. I love using Shu Uemura Hard Formula Pencil to fill in my brows and Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper in Mahogany to set it for a natural brow look. I do prefer using brow powder if I’m doing a more carved-out-and-slays eyebrows, though.

What are the products you tend to grab when you’re in a hurry? Do you use more or less products than I do?

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