Erin Talks Week #1 | Life Update and I’m Going Back to School?

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Hi everyone! How’s your 2017 going? I hope you lot are doing well, Alhamdulillah. I’ve been thinking about the format I wanna do my Erin Talks series with and what kind of content I wanna talk about in these posts. After a lot of brainstorming, I decided that I will talk about:

  1. My 2017 resolutions update and progress ’cause I’m trying to achieve all of them by the end of this year.
  2. A photo of the current week spreadsheet in my planner to show my to-do lists and just kinda talk about why I didn’t do what I was supposed to on a particular day ’cause I procrastinate.
  3. Random things that are worth mentioning.

Resolution update

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Losing weight

I promised I won’t touch instant noodles, fast food, and sugary drinks as my first step to getting healthy. And guess what?

I had grape drink, lime asam boi drink, nasi lemak kukus ayam goreng, Maggi curry instant noodles with egg (so delicious!), KFC, McDonald’s Spicy Fried Chicken set all in the span of 6 days and right now I’m chugging down mango drink at two thirty in the morning.

Saving money

I didn’t buy anything this week except for a new pair of contact lens. The previous ones have passed its 3 month expiry period. And last night I bought a financial tracker app on Google Play Store.

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Learn how to cook

My mom didn’t cook this week so I didn’t learn any new recipes. She rarely cooks fancy food if my brother isn’t home from university.

Get flawless skin

My skin is behaving quite well this week but I can’t stand the dryness of my skin. I can’t live without toner and moisturiser. But I do have a zit on top of my left brow, though. Hideous. The acne scarring is still there. Untouched.

January book challenge

A MASSIVE FAIL. I didn’t read a single page. I didn’t even get the book from the bookshelf and put it in my room. I plan on reading this weekend but I have posts to write so which is it..


Weekly spreadsheet

Here’s a look at my week #1 spreadsheet. The highlighted ones mean they’re crossed off and done. As you can see, I didn’t read at all. I didn’t even finish 9/1 and 11/1 posts ’cause I procrastinated. How do I combat procrastination? Can someone please tell me what do I do to not procrastinate in doing work again in the comment down below ’cause I’m getting pretty tired of my lazy ass self.

Week #2 is going to be busy with more photos I need to take and posts I need to finish writing.

The final thing I want to talk about is I’m going back to school in February.

Yeah, you read that right. I’m not excited that I only have 4 weeks at home ’cause I’ve been enjoying every single minute I’m not at school. I do miss my university but not the whole student life with literally 20 assignments and 5 projects and 10 tests to do in 3 and a half months. To think that I have gone through a year and 3 months doing exactly that and survived it baffled me.

I wanted to postpone another semester for private reasons but my advisor said I have to come back to school in February or it will be recorded as unrecorded withdrawal which means that the 4 semesters I did and tens of thousands ringgit spent on my education will be burned.

If you’re clueless about my education or if you’re new here, I’m doing a Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in Teaching English as Second Language since November 2014 at Management & Science University, Shah Alam. I did 4 semesters of degree and took a gap year in February 2016 and will have to go back to school in February 2017.

I have 4 more semesters and 3 month internship before I can graduate so I’ll finish my degree in late 2018. If I didn’t take a gap year, I’ll be graduating with my other classmates probably the end of this year or early next year but life happened and I had to take a gap year so there’s that.

My Bachelor’s degree runs for 3 years with 8 semesters + 1 internship. We have 3 semesters (2 long semesters and 1 short semester) in a year. I have done 3 long semesters and 1 short semester so I have 3 more long semesters and 1 short semester to go before I can go for internship aka be a high school English teacher.

So here’s to juggling life between school and blogging next month. Can’t wait to get my degree so I can be done with school once and for all and get a job and focus more on my blog and live life and buy a Chanel bag and go to Denmark and have cute babies and be normal again.

Maybe I can do a post about what to expect once I’m back in school, eh? Oh, y’know, the whole typical spiel of “I promise I won’t procrastinate I promise to always finish my assignments on time I promise to study everyday I promise to always have my life together” and all that snaz which we all know is a big fat lie coming out of my mouth. Soz not soz.

In other words, lemme spend the next 4 weeks not having to care about money or bills to pay or assignments to do or clothes to wash or food to make by myself and basically the whole shenanigans of adulting. #PrayforErinFeb2k17

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