Product Empties #2

So here’s the thing — I took these photos back in early February when I was still at home (and not at uni) and it’s taking me a month and a half to start writing this product empties post. I am deeply sorry. I forgot I even have this post in my draft! I’ve been so busy and occupied with everything else that has been happening in my life and I’ve gone through a couple more empty products along the way that are not featured in the photos. I hope that’s okay.

Johnson’s Oxygen Fresh Gel LotionWill be repurchased but not now

I knew about this lotion from my ex-roommate in my old house. She uses this one after shower and it’s the most light-consistency body lotion ever. If you’re looking for a body lotion to use after shower that is not super thick, I really recommend this one. It has the faintest fresh smell that does not overpower my body mist I use afterwards. I believe this is my second bottle but I will not be repurchasing this anytime soon as I have a new one from Nivea that I’m currently using. I will always go back to this one if I want something light but still keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Lavender lotionWill be repurchased IF..

If you’ve ever been to Cameron Highlands, you’d know that they have a huge lavender garden there where you can go in and see all the flowers and whatnot. Well they have a gift shop where they sell a heck lot of products lavender-based. I literally went crazy because lavender is one of my favourite scents ever. The body gel is quite good too though. What I really like about this lotion is when you wash your hands after putting on lotion all over, your hands will not feel like they are being soaked in oil and water concoction. You know that feel when your hands feel super slimy and gross? That didn’t happen with this lotion which is why I would repurchase it if I went to CH again.

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial TonerRepurchased

I am currently on my second bottle of this toner just because it works great on my skin. It doesn’t contain alcohol which is great for my skin as it won’t worsen my dry patches. It feels like putting a hydrating water on my face where I wait a couple of seconds to let it dry before I go on with my moisturiser. It’s very simple and it does what it’s supposed to do so I’m very happy with it.


product empties

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing CreamRepurchased

I talk about this moisturiser a lot on my blog and it’s still my go-to moisturiser but I no longer use it for before makeup because my dry skin has been pretty oily at the end of the day so I went back to using Simple Light Moisturiser for before makeup and this Organic Aid one to use at night or during daytime where I don’t have to go out and put on makeup. I have repurchased this a couple of times and right now I’m halfway through the biggest tub they have which is 4oz I believe.

The Face Shop 99% Jeju Aloe Vera GelWill not repurchase

I totally get the hype surrounding aloe vera gel but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me as I always get tiny white bumps after using this overnight and it’s just annoying. It doesn’t moisturise my face at all and I don’t see any kinds of result except for that annoying bumps. However, I did use this on my hair when it is slightly dump and it worked wonderful! It volumises my hair and I recommend putting this on your hair before using hair-dryer to give it some sort of protection from heat.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay MaskWill be repurchased

Another Korean-brand product that is hyped by beauty lovers out there. I love this clay mask a lot but I do think if you have dry skin, then you better stay away from this because this type of clay mask can be drying. It makes my skin looks instantly brightened and fresh after washing it off which I really, really like. I think if you put this mask on before doing your makeup for an event or something will make your makeup look flawless!


Nivea CremeWill be repurchased

How many lotions do I really need to feature in an empties post? Probably 3 out of 9 products. This one from Nivea has been a cult favourite for years because it’s works so well in providing moisture and hydrating your skin. It’s a very thick-consistency and I suggest using this at night where you won’t get up from bed again. The smell is okay but some people might hate the scent but for me personally it doesn’t really bother me all that much.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral PowderRepurchased

A lovely setting powder that is supposed to control your makeup from getting oily. I do think it works but I don’t think it’s the best because I got oily around 4 hours after doing my makeup but it’s a great product to set your liquid base. It’s cheap, it works, and unless you’re willing to spend 200 ringgit on a Laura Mercier translucent powder then this 25 ringgit powder from Innisfree works just as well for the money.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FoundationWill be repurchased but not now

I purchased this using my own money that I got from working at a clinic after high school and at that time it was the best powder foundation ever (not that I’ve ever tried any before that). It’s easy to use because it’s a powder foundation and I do think powder foundation is the easiest form of foundation. Unfortunately I have hit pan on it years ago but I didn’t throw it out because it’s the first expensive makeup that I purchased myself so it holds a sentimental value for me. I believe I got this in the shade NC35 and it’s too dark for me now so I might get a refill one in another shade that suits my complexion better.


Have you tried any of these products? What’s one product that you go through so fast?

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