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Currently writing this post while playing Law & Order: SVU as background sound in my campus library during two hour gap before my 12 PM class.

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I did an Erin Talks post as I was fairly busy with uni stuff. Well, I was not that busy with coursework but life got in the way and I love spending time with my friends after class and went lepak with them. If you’re not following me on Instagram (@erinazmir) where I post quite a lot of stories every day, I got two babies, a 3 year old and a 3 month old that I love seeing every day and they’re just the cutest. They definitely make my day better and what’s cuter than bringing a 3 month old baby to the pool?

A Day in The Life of A Student + Blogger post has been something that I’ve been meaning to publish on my blog but everyday is a new adventure for me and I can’t possibly be writing about only a day, right? Maybe I should do a detailed A week in The Life of A Student + Blogger post with photos included for everything I’m doing, eh? That might sound fun! Should I do it next week, perhaps? I have a few assignments due next week and (hopefully) a weekend getaway so documenting everything on my blog is a step in my part on making my blog a little bit more personal. Not everything marble background is fun to read, no?

If you’re wondering about the lipstick I’m using in the photo above, it’s MAC Mehr + Yash combination where I put on Mehr with light hand and top it off with Yash. It’s absolutely beautiful! I usually have on any combinations of these lipsticks: MAC Mehr, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Yash, and NYX SMLC Stockholm as my everyday go-to lip colour. If I wanted a rosy pink base for my lips, I always use Mehr before going with any one of those 3 nude shades. I’ve been eyeing 4 new MAC lipsticks which are Kinda Sexy, Honeylove, Whirl, and Twig so be prepared to see future lipstick hauls on my blog. That is if I’m able to not spend every cent under my name on food….

This week I’m loving James Arthur – Can I Be Him

I think James Arthur has some great songs but I have difficulty in understanding what he’s singing though. He’s like the male version of Ariana Grande, if you know what I mean.

Aaaand not to forget, Charlie Puth – Dangerously. I think he’s cute.

English Language Testing & Evaluation class in 20 minutes. Bye!

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