What I Realised About My Blog

Been blogging on and off for almost a decade, I have made multiple blogs across multiple platforms as I did not have a clear view of what I wanted my blog to be or what platform I wanted to use. We all started on Blogger, am I right? It’s fast and easy to set up and who has the time and money, for instance, to set up a self-hosted blog anyway? Blogging was relatively new at that time and no newbie blogger would want to spend money on something they’re not sure they’re going to do for ever.

I was doing my usual blogwalking on Bloglovin’ and visiting new posts by blogs I followed and I had this sudden ‘ding’ moment when I thought of searching my old blog I created way back in 2014. I knew it still exists on Bloglovin’ but I was not sure that I could still read the full posts. I have deleted that blog years ago but I read somewhere that Bloglovin’ keeps cache version of all blogs even if they have been deleted by the owner.

There was this one post on my old blog that I have been dying to read again and it was about my boyfriend (then, friend) when we went out before he went to the UK. I only got to read a short excerpt of that post on Bloglovin’ along with other posts on my old blog circa 2014. I tried clicking every permalink of that said post and lo and behold — the date permalink open up a page on Bloglovin’ with the full post on it.

I was. SHOOK!

So I click the date permalink of other posts and everything is still there, you guys. Even the posts I didn’t remember writing and taking photos of. I wanted to post the link here but I don’t want you people reading my old blog posts as I had just went through a bad break up that time where there is an emotional post after every makeup review post I did haha.

Upon reading my old blog posts, I realised one thing — I was a very pure blogger who took blog photos with my Android camera and wrote whatever I wanted not minding if my blog post was worthy enough to get at least 10 comments on. Heck, I didn’t even get comments on my posts as I have that feature turned off because I was scared of what people thought of my blog. I was very insecure, eh?

Despite that, I had so much fun writing on my blog. I didn’t care about SEO nor the lighting when I took blog photos with a smartphone instead of a fancy camera. I was stress-free because I didn’t care what people thought of my blog. I used the plain ol’ Simple template that I tweaked until it looked.. like a better Simple template but nothing like the current layout I have now (which is da bomb btw I’m in love!).

Nowadays, all I think about before publishing a post is whether people would read and comment on it and to be quite honest that is kind of depressing to think of every time I have something to share on my blog. I am stuck in between posting some random I-just-typed-whatever-that-came-to-my-mind and DSLR-quality-photos-magazine-style posts and in return my blog goes through days, even weeks without any new posts because I just didn’t have the time to properly curate a blog post that I am 100% satisfied with and that sucks.

I believe in blogging whatever the heck your heart desires but I strongly want to be satisfied with my contents and those two do not go together all that well. Do you see my dilemma especially now that I’m back to being a full-time student with a little to no time for my blog let alone spending hours just to create one post? I’d rather take a 3-hour nap after class.

My point is I’m still figuring out life as we speak and I may post fluff posts or I may not but I hope that in the month of April I can publish at least 15 posts because girl my blog feed right now is dry. You click on page 2 and there’s still a post dated back in February (by the time you’re reading this the February post is pushed to the 3rd page HAH you belong there, mister.)

I hope this wasn’t too long of a post that it bores you to death. If you make it to the end — do you feel what I feel about blogging right now?

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