Happy 5th Anniversary, my MacBook Pro!

macbook pro


Happy 5th anniversary to the longest relationship in my life, with my MacBook Pro. In case you didn’t know, my MacBook is my life and if my house was on fire and I can save only one thing, it will be my MacBook, hands down. And also the charger because it’s bloody expensive.

I went through a lot of stuff with my Mac. I applied for university with it, I blogged (previously on Tumblr) with it, heck, I got through a bad breakup with it! There’s honestly no words to describe how I love my Mac and you all must think that I’m crazy for having feelings for a machine but my whole life is in my Mac.



2012-2013; after SPM, I applied for university and got into university with my Mac. I did all of my coursework with it and I even bought two new casings for it; a mint green one and a purple one which I used for years until recently when I got a new transparent case. I blogged on Tumblr but too bad I accidentally deleted it.

2013-2014; a bad breakup. I was not in a good mental health during this time because the breakup was so bad and it f*cked me up and my whole self-confidence. I spent so much time on my Mac blogging on Blogger and trying to find myself again. My Mac was the only place I found solace and I’m glad I had it with me.

2014-2015; I got together with my current boyfriend in early 2015 while he was in the UK. I facetimed him for the first time with my Mac and a lot of our FaceTime sessions were done with it too. I started my Bachelor’s degree in late 2014, too!

2015-2016; I started my gap year in 2016. Honestly, if I didn’t have my Mac I would have died out of boredom at home. Obviously I watched a lot of tv shows and movies and my boyfriend and I watched Game of Thrones together on my Mac, too. It has been a routine for us to watch Game of Thrones together when he came home for summer break.

2016-2017; still was on gap year during early 2017. I resumed my studies in February and I’m getting into semester 7 next week.



Although sometimes I hit it hard when it lags or when I didn’t put a case on it and it got scratched, I still love it and it will always be my baby. Thank you, Mac, for not dying on me because you’re one expensive shit and my broke ass can not afford to get you repaired. Thank you for not easily getting virus into you because I downloaded a shitload of stuff from PirateBay. Thank you for still waking up when I shut you down when Photoshop runs slow or when you lag and I can not push a damn key to revive you. And most of all, thank you for always being with me when I’m lonely and bored at night. I promise I’ll take care of you until we reach our 10th anniversary. Thank you. Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

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