Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner Review

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner

Hi. Today I’m going to review a toner that I have recently purchased for the second time because I have seen good results. It’s the Aiken Tea Tree Spot Away Pore Refining Toner that you can get from Guardian or Watsons and I believe AEON Wellness too.

Details: MYR6 for 100ml (last me for about a month)

I bought this toner from a recommendation of a friend who has skin problem and I do not regret my decision even one bit. Nonetheless, as you can see from the photo below, the second ingredient in this toner is alcohol which does not suit people with dry skin or people whose skin does not agree with alcohol in skincare.

The smell of the alcohol is quite strong too but I don’t find discomfort with it. Since it has alcohol, I feel a cooling effect when I use it on my skin. Because it contains a high amount of alcohol, I never leave my skin without a moisturiser after using this toner.

I love this toner because it calms my skin down. I’ve been having breakouts for a months now and it’s driving me crazy how when a pimple has calmed down, then two grows out the next day. It’s super frustrating! It is by no mean a pimple medication but it does help in clearing out my skin.

You know those small little bumps that can drive you crazy because 1. you can’t pop it, and 2. it makes your skin texturised? This toner helps with that! The tea tree oil in this toner really helps with pimples and breakouts. However, I do not see any improvement on my pores but y’know that pores can’t shrink or disappear, right?

Will I be repurchasing it?

I’m already on my second bottle! Spending six ringgit a month on a toner is nothing when it helps a lot with breakouts. However, like I’ve mentioned beforehand, I do not recommend it to people with dry skin or people who can’t use skincare that contains high level of alcohol but if you want to try it, then give it a go!

Have you tried this toner before? Does it work for you?

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