A Year with WordPress — Happy Birthday, erinazmir.com!


I can’t believe that it’s been one whole year since I’ve moved to WordPress from Blogger. Today marks the 1st anniversary of my WordPress blog although I’ve had it for a little bit longer than that. I’m definitely one who remembers dates so 25th of November 2016 is very special to me and my blog; a milestone that I think anyone who goes through it would be excited!

Do I miss Blogger or have I ever thought about going back to Blogger? Yes and no. I think the only time I wish I was still using Blogger is when I saw gorgeous templates on Etsy that made me “Ugh I wish it were available for WordPress though!” (Looking at you, Laureline by FCD) but other than that, nah. I can do so much with WordPress and I do think it’s a lot better than Blogger. However, not everyone is going to need all WordPress has to offer and settling with just Blogger would be enough. Hey, I blogged for 8 years on Blogger and I was hella fine!

In this post, I want to talk about my one-year experience with WordPress. I still have no clue about WordPress coding so I’m just going to leave it at that. Still have no idea what .php means and where should I upload codes where so I’m going to thank Pipdig for creating a wonderful theme that does not need me to know codings to customise it. Much love.

My experience with WordPress for the past 365 days was wonderful. Of course, it ain’t WordPress if it didn’t have hiccups here and there but there was really nothing serious that made me regret using it. My blog had gone through several downtimes due to server problems and one time my blog was down for 8 hours! It annoyed me that I can’t even access my own blog but hey what else could I do. I know that it affected other blogs too so I didn’t feel too shitty about mine not being live. It happened months and months ago and it hasn’t happened ever since. Thank God.

So I renewed my domain in July 2016 and purchased my hosting in November 2016 from the same website I got my domain. My hosting + domain should expire on the same day since they’re both included in the same package but they forgot to update my domain so that it expires in November 2017 so in July 2017, on the day that my domain was supposed to expire, my blog was down the whole freaking day. I had to email the company and they said sorry it was a mistake on their part and they fixed it so my blog was live again.

Other than that, my blog is pretty much a-okay. I love the experience although it could get pretty lonely without updates from other blogs I follow on my dashboard. I always go to Bloglovin’ and Blogger dashboard anyway so it doesn’t really bug me all that much.

I also enjoy getting updates for my blog such as the latest version of WordPress, my theme, and plugins. If you didn’t know, every Pipdig WordPress theme comes with its own Pipdig plugin and Pipdig always always always update their plugin and add in more new features which I’m absolutely in love with! Their shortcodes changed up my blogging game to a whole new level. Definitely worth the investment, I tell ya.

May this new year bring a lot of happiness for me and my blog and for you too as well. Should I do another template giveaway?

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