How I Started Saving Money (students)

I’m probably not the best person you should be taking financial advice from because for the longest time, I sucked at saving money and I never save, ever. But I don’t know what’s gotten into me a few months ago where one day I just decided that okay, Imma start saving my money now here we are. This method might not work for you and it may not even be the best method to follow but there’s a reason why this is my lifestyle blog and not a financial blog. AHA. Blimey.

Get a job

I’m a full-time student who still gets allowance from my parents but I also have a part-time job. I save the money from the job and only use the money my parents give me. Sounds so hard when a mall is just 2 mins walking distance from my condo but a girl has gotta save. So use the money your parents give you and save the money you get from your job.

Stash your money in a bank account you rarely use

I have one main account that I use to pay phone bills and rents and Spotify subscription so keeping your money in that account is probably not the best idea so open another account from a different bank for your savings. This method works, okay!

Get rid of that debit card

If you’re a recovering shopaholic, it’s best for you to trust someone else with your debit card, for example, your mom, because I know your shopaholic ass won’t last a second without splurging hahahamehahaha. For a maximum effect, ask someone you trust to change your online login password to avoid any unnecessary purchases. (Fun fact: I didn’t even do any of these because I have separation anxiety when it comes to my debit cards. soz.)

Don’t ever start spending your money

If you’re really serious about saving money, and if you’re also like me, I suggest not buying anything at all not even one thing that you thought you really need because girl you’ll end up binge-purchasing for the next few weeks. IT HAPPENED TO ME. I started buying the dUCk Whenever Planner thinking that oh I’ll spend my money only on this one planner, no more buying stuff and y’know what happened? This. And I bought another planner, two freaking expensive plants, new pairs of contact lenses, paying for McDonald’s drive-thru with debit card not even looking at how much I had spent (WTF!), and a shit load of impulse purchases that I have forgotten. I kid you not.

Be disciplined

Being disciplined is probably not my strongest character when it comes to saving but we should force ourselves to be disciplined if we really want to save money. I’ve been disciplined for a month and a half before spending my money like crazy but it’s such a great achievement because it’s something new to me that I’ve never done before. It’s all part of the learning. I can always work harder to cover the money I have spent. Heh.

Do you have any other tips for saving money?

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