The Weekly Charts

By the time this post is published I’ve obviously figured out a snazzy post title but right now I’m leaving it blank. Anyway, I thought I should bring back my weekly/monthly updates up on my blog. I did do a monthly series a few months ago but another blogger was copying my idea without even crediting me and IDK it just irked me so much so I stopped doing it. Right now I am bringing it back on my blog and I want to give full credit to Hannah Gale for creating this series.

So basically this update is formatted like a going up and down charts where I list down things that are the highlights and lowlights of my week. Pretty interesting, huh? I thought so too. I’m still considering whether to do it weekly or monthly or whenever as I please because honestly I don’t have much spare time to spend on my blog as my final exam starts in like a month and I still have one major project pending. Did I mention that I have to go to practice every day for it?


Going up


  1. GOLD LEATHER KEYCHAIN — Prob should have taken a pic but I’ve been looking for this everywhere and a booth at my campus sold this and I have my name ingrained on it with a cat charm ugh so cute!
  2. UPGRADED HOSTING — Five days before December started my blog was offline because apparently I have reached my bandwidth quota for November and it was either to leave my blog be which means nobody can access my blog (including me!) for the rest of November or upgrade my hosting and y’all know what I’d do, right? So I ordered an upgrade.
  3. MY SKIN — Who would have thought that there would come a day where my skin is behaving really, really well and not shitting me 24/7?


Going down


  1. MY HEALTH — Remember back in May when I was admitted to the hospital because of high fever? It happened, again. Only this time I was not admitted, just being so sick like the life has been sucked out of me and what was left was a remnant of a girl called Erin. I was dying, I am not joking.
  2. ASSIGNMENTS — Hold up – I’m blaming procrastination solely on this one. Imagine having to do important assignments while you were sick to your core only to realise if you had done it a week before then you wouldn’t have to be so stressful about having to do it on the very last minute. WHILE YOU WERE SICK.
  3. TV SHOWS — Getting right back into watching tv shows after leaving it for months is not the easiest thing to do. I miss binge-watching.


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