2017 Blog Posts Roundup

I know I haven’t been the best in updating my blog last year but doing an annual roundup of blog posts is going to be a permanent series on my blog albeit only updating once a year. Anyway, I’m hoping for 2018 that I can blog regularly and as much as I can because right now, I customise my blog more than the effort I actually put on writing blog posts hahaha.


Product Empties #2 | A roundup of products I have finished using. I will be doing a current product empties post soon.

A Peek Inside My Makeup Organiser | If you’re being nosey and want to peek through my makeup organiser. I don’t store all my makeup here but this is just what I need for doing my makeup.

July Drugstore Haul | I went a little bit crazy and purchased a lot of stuff at the drugstore.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Review | One of the most viewed posts in 2017. I got a lot of traffic from Google search results.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner Review | Also one of the most viewed posts in 2017. Can’t blame them though, Aiken products are so good and this toner in particular is really great!

Beauty and Skincare Haul | Another drugstore haul I did just last month.


10 Important Blogging Tips I Swear By | If you’re new to blogging, head on to this post for some blogging tips that I swear by.

How I Improved My Blog Photography | Just a few tips I use and love in editing my blog photos.

WordPress Plugins That Helped My Blog + Free Themes | These are the plugins I used for my blog although it isn’t a current update but I’m sure you’ll find one or two to use. I also included a few free themes you can use before purchasing a premium one.

15 Blogging Facts About Me | I’m so happy that a few of local bloggers did this on their blog too. I love reading them and link me to your post if you have done something similar.

6 Things I Look For in A Blog | 6 things that I think every blogger must have on their blog.

A blog facelift from Pipdig | That time where I got a Pipdig theme for my birthday and ugh it’s just a dream came true!

Self-hosted WordPress — How Much Does It Cost? | For Malaysian Bloggers who would like to know how much it cost overall to self-host your blog.


Inside My Bullet Journal Planner 2017 | I’ve only ever used this planner at the beginning of the year, but if you’re looking for bullet journal ideas you can take a look at the post.

10 Unpopular Opinions No One Asks For | Because no one asks for it but I’m a person who keeps on giving. LOL.

My Journal Collection | I love journalling and notebooks and I have a few favourite journals that I love.

5 Things I Wish I Had in My Bag When I Needed It | A few things I wish I had in my bag when I was desperately in need of them haha.

A Guide on How to Get Over A Breakup | Hashtag girl power and girl boss and ucandoitboo. We’ve all been through it and we need all the guide and support we can get.

The Whenever Planner by dUCk | One of the famous planners by dUCk Group. Unfortunately, I found a new planner that I use and love for 2018.

How I Started Saving Money | A guide on how to save money from someone who has never saved money her entire life. If it works for me, I think it’ll work for you too.

I had so much fun reminiscing my old posts! I hope you found one or two posts that you like reading and don’t forget to leave a link to your top posts in 2017 in the comment section.

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