5 Things I’m Doing Differently This Year


How has it been the 9th of January already?! I’m perplexed by how fast this year is going because truth be told I still haven’t got over 2016, the year I took a year off from studying. Let me do the honour of reminding you that I’m turning 23 years old this March and I feel like I haven’t achieved anything ‘notable’ in my life. I haven’t graduated, I haven’t got engaged let alone married, and the funny thing is I still don’t have my driver’s license. I know the basics of driving a huge machine but that’s just it. And it’s always with my little brother who has had his license before I ever do. Psh.

Anyway, I’m not writing this to talk about how I don’t have my license yet but rather about things I’m doing differently this year. You could say that they’re my 2018 resolutions but to be honest yearly resolutions are overrated and no one ticks off everything in their list by the end of the year, do they?

Buying a piggy bank

OMG, I’ve been wanting a piggy bank since last week but I didn’t have much spare time to go the shop and get it because I work everyday. Came weekend it was the only day I could sleep all day long and start my day at 8 pm. By then it would be too late to go out and get it. I’m planning on doing a 52 week money saving challenge and also putting my 1 and 5 bills in my piggy bank.

Cutting down on rice and sugary drinks

Malaysians love their rice and so do I. Not eating rice for one day is doing bad things to my body. My tummy will grumble and I will be shaking, my heart will beat fast and those symptoms are all because I don’t get my rice daily fix. I can consume other source of carbohydrates but they’re not giving me the same energy as rice does. Rice is forever. Forever is rice. However, I really need to cut down on my rice intake from 3 plates a day to maybe 2 in the beginning and to 1 plate after my body is well-adjusted to not having as much rice as before. I’m a sucker for iced tea so I need to cut down on it as well. For every iced tea I drink, I will have to consume 5 glasses of plain water.

Getting into using sunscreen/sunblock

Almost half a year ago I decided to stop wearing makeup to focus on clearing my skin to its healthiest condition and so far I am loving my no makeup day which is every day unless I have special events to go to. My AM skincare routine consists of double cleansing method and toner. After that, I will put on some mascara and fix my eyebrows with an eye pencil and put on whatever lipstick I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I can get away with The Body Shop strawberry lip balm just because I love having moist lips LOL. However, since Malaysia is very humid with the scorching sun burning our skin, I really want to invest in a good sunscreen for oily/combination skin. Any suggestion?

Investing in more skincare products and less makeup

It’s safe to say that I have been on makeup buying ban for months and months months with the exception of lipsticks and mascaras because 1. I’m obsessed with lipsticks, and 2. mascaras dry out super quick! I realised that makeup will look good if your base which is your skin is looking good so I really want to amp up my skin to how it was 3 years ago before I had a major breakout. I found a few products that are working well in fixing my skin and I’m super happy with my skin condition right now. It’s the best it has been in years and that’s saying a lot coming from me who has been trying a heck lot of products. I’m thinking of purchasing The Ordinary serums and COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence which work wonders on acne scarring and pores.

Focusing more on saving money and less on being nosey on other people

So here’s the thing: I didn’t know that saving money could be so addicting. Since I’m working part-time for the past 3 months, I am able to save so much money and it makes me happy that I am able to buy what I want (well, to a certain limit) it’s just a matter of if I want to or not. One thing that I do learn from saving money is that it will be hard to spend it on frivolous things that I don’t need. I’m also keeping track of my expenditure on my 2018 planner which I’m obsessed with (will probably make a blog post about it soon) so I can be more mindful about my spending and do better in the next month. With that being said, I shall focus on working and saving money and less on other people’s business that is none of my business. I feel like 23 is an age where I should act an adult that I am and stop butting into people’s affairs especially the negative ones. Okay — I don’t really butt into other people’s lives — but sometimes I just can’t help it. Oops. That’s why I have a blog and I love reading other people’s blogs HAHA. Being nosey is my thang. It’s something that I want to change this year and I hope I will grow into a better version of Erin on December 31st 2018. We will see!


So what do you really want to achieve this year?

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