Why I Love My Blog

why i love my blog

I am my blog’s biggest fan. I guess when you’ve invested so much time and effort — and not to forget, money — on something so intangible such as blogs, you would love it as much as you love your first child. A little bit of exaggeration there but I have no children and my blog is the epitome of a child to me. I take care of it, I clothe it, and I am certainly possessive of it. It’s my virtual baby that I love looking at everyday as I feel like it’s some sort of an accomplishment to me.

Why I love my blog.

My blog is an escapism. When you have a lot in your plate, you would want an escapism to get away to just for a moment to unwind from the real life and my blog is always what I will go to. I believe what you show online is almost always positive vibes and sometimes we need that kind of positivity after hustling with life. I gotta bold it there, at the age of almost 23 I learn that life can really screw you over when you least expect it.

Although my blog is not my number one source of income, it is still giving me a little bit of cash that I can put into my savings. I certainly can not be blogging full-time and I don’t intend to do so right now but if the money I get from my blog is enough to pay my hosting fee and a Pipdig theme, then I really don’t mind if I’m not making thousands per month. Blogging is a hobby and I don’t mind spending some money for it but if I can make an extra cash from it, then the cost for this lil hobby of mine just went to $0 per year. How amazing is that?!

I’m not trying to be a proud snob or anything, but my blog is beautiful and I love it as it is. I love customising it and I love brainstorming ideas on how to make it more polished but at the same time still showing my personality through the little details on my blog. Right now I’m quite happy with how it’s looking and fingers crossed I can stretch a few more months before I can start whining about wanting a brand new theme.

I’m thinking of doing a little giveaway some time next month in conjunction with my blog’s 2nd anniversary and my 23rd birthday in March. If memory serves, I have done 3 giveaways in the past giving away blog templates as I love seeing happy bloggers with their brand new templates. Should I do another template giveaway OR domain name giveaway OR WordPress hosting giveaway? For domain name and WordPress hosting I’d only pay for the first year and it will only be available to Malaysia-based bloggers but at least it’s a jump start into a self-hosted WordPress blog, don’t ya think? What do you say?

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