My Early Birthday Present!

To be honest, I never ever ever ask my parents anything for my birthday because, hey, it’s just birthday and although it’s a special day for me, I always feel like birthdays are very personal and my having a smooth-sailing day is already enough of a way to celebrate my birthday. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

BUT, I went out with my family yesterday and Typo was having a RM30 off for laptop cases (I didn’t actually know there was a 30 ringgit rebate right when I was paying and the total amount is 30 ringgit lesser. SCORED THERE!) so if you have Typo nearby, you should definitely check out their store! However, the sales assistant working at IOI City Mall on Sunday 18/2/18 at around 7 pm was not very nice. She seemed pissed off at customers. Maybe she was just tired IDEK.

I saw this beautiful rose gold glitter casing and I immediately knew I had to have it. It’s beautiful and the photo above didn’t do its justice at all. The colour and texture in real life are better than what the photo shows so I suggest checking it out in store first before buying. However, if you would like to purchase it online, here’s the link to it: Typo Mobile Laptop Folio

Since I wanted my laptop case to be a lil bit more personalised, I grabbed this E rose gold keyring to be put on the case. I like how the metal detailing on the laptop case is also rose gold because it suits the key ring perfectly, it looks like the E keyring came together with the laptop case!

The laptop case fits my non-retina MacBook Pro 13 inch perfectly although a laptop slightly bigger than that will not fit into it at all. I had to remove the transparent shell case I had on my laptop just so I cam use my new laptop case but I had no problem with it as long as I have a laptop bag that is functional and beautiful and did I MENTION IT’S IN ROSE GOLD GLITTER?! Major love!

What do you think of my new laptop case?

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