Well, hello there, people of blogging world!

It has been a long time since I wrote on my blog. Four weeks, exactly. Gosh how time has passed and how gullible I must have been for not noticing that I’ve been abandoning my baby blog for almost a month. I’m struggling really hard right now as I’m currently doing my last semester for Bachelor’s Degree. Did I tell you that I have a Research subject this semester? That thing has been driving me insane!

On top of school, I also have a Sunday – Friday job that basically took all of my free time. I think that I spent a lot of time apologising on my blog for not having time to post or for not putting up posts regularly when in fact, it is my blog and I should blog whenever I feel like. If I’m feeling tired from studies and my job, then I should use my free time for resting and doing things that I didn’t get the chance to do. I love blogging but when you’ve set your blog post standard so high (by high I mean pretty photos and 456785 hours of prep time), blogging doesn’t seem all that fun to do.

So, in an attempt to blog more aka not leaving my blog dead for a month, I want to change my whole blogging process and routine. I want to focus more on writing content and less on photos because to be honest I don’t have a few hours to spare on blogging photography. I don’t know how other bloggers can juggle their studies, a job, and blogging all at the same time ’cause your homegal can only do two and blogging is is not one of them which made me feel really bad for being a terrible blogger. Eeeeeek. Anyway, here’s a few updates of my life from the past month!

  • Currently in week 5 of the semester omigosh time flies!
  • Upgraded my phone!
  • I have exactly 47 days to finish chapter 1, 2, and 3 of my research thesis. Pray for my soul for the next two months, okay guys?
  • My 23rd birthday is in 7 days! Always v excited for my birthday every year.
  • My sister is living with me in Shah Alam for a week because she’s on school break.
  • Planning on buying an IKEA desk and chair for my room. I need it for the many sleepless nights I am going to have because of thesis.
  • I have a lot of good skincare products that I’m using in my routine and I’m so excited to blog about it! I just have to find time to actually write about it on my blog lol busy gal right here.
  • My current morning skincare routine is serum > acne gel > sunscreen > eyelash curler > lipstick. I miss putting makeup on everyday but I gotta say that going bare-faced is so much better because I don’t have to wake up early just to put on makeup. I am so lazy these days..
  • Current read: Ti Amo, Sweetheart 100 Hari! I can say that the drama version with Neelofa and Zul Ariffin is going to be da bomb dot com because the novel is just ughhhhhhhh I love it.

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