Things I Miss Doing Since I Started Working

I have been working part-time for the past 6 months and I kid you not, it wasn’t an easy thing to do — juggling between studies, work, blogging, and personal life all at the same. I must say that having a job while still studying is doable but for some people it can get pretty overwhelming. Many times I thought of quitting but I like the financial stability that having a job gives. My job is my main source of income but I do have other side incomes here and there. Although I kinda like working, there are things that I just wish I have time to spend on because god, I miss being a broke student who sleeps and watch TV shows all day long. Now I’m no longer a broke student but I… don’t have enough time to do things I like.

Hanging out with my friends

I just hate the fact that I can’t hang out with my friends after class. In between and after classes I have work until night and ugh it’s killing me when I just wanted a day off to chill with my friends after class and I just can’t. I want to have lunch with my friends. I want to go window shopping with my friends. I want to go watch movies with my friends. Heck, I just want to chill and gossip with them at our houses and eat samyang ramen. I can’t have that anymore.

Spending weekends with my family

Lo and behold, I work on Sundays too. It’s very annoying because I can’t spend time with my family at all. I don’t live with them and if I do go back to my parents’ house, it’s always on Friday’s midnight and when I reach home, everyone is already asleep and I have to come back on Sunday morning before work starts. It’s really, really, really, annoying. I haven’t seen my dad in a month!

Watching TV shows

I am missing a heck lot of episodes. 60++ episodes and yes, I counted from my tv show app. And I am dying without my daily fix of tv shows but when I reach home at night I just don’t have the energy to watch anything. Well, except for rom-com movies that I usually play on background while doing my skincare routine.


I wish I had ample of time to blog like I did during my gap year in 2016 but I know that it’s not doable anymore. I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’m going to be busy with my life and dedicating a huge percentage of my time for my blog is nearly impossible. I’m currently doing my last semester before going for practicum from August until November. After that, God knows where life will take me. Maybe I’ll get married, maybe I’ll get a job immediately, maybe I’m doing something that I never expect of doing. For now, I can’t see my future past my internship. Everything is still a blur and hopefully by the end of the year I’ve thought about what I’m going to do with my life because boy, your home girl is turning 24 next year!

So these are what I miss doing since I started working. Not to forget, I miss being glued to my laptop every waking hour because my life is basically on my laptop. Now, I rarely have the need to charge my laptop anymore. It’s pretty sad, to be honest. I hope my future husband is a stable working man because honey boo your wife wants to be a housewife so she can blog and do the things she likes all day long. Hugs and kisses.

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