So, my brother graduated diploma.

I have missed you!!!!!!!

Ok the reason why I haven’t been writing on my blog is because I purposely left my MacBook at my parents’ house thinking that “oh, it’s okay la, I won’t have time to blog anyway with my day job, might as well leave my baby home” and guess what? I am blogsick! If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories, you would know that I storied “I miss my laptop! :(” every 5 seconds because this is the longest I have been away from my laptop. Never again will I leave it at home because I’m dying without it. Phone’s great, but I need laptop to do work and replying emails. And I need my laptop to obsess on my blog, for real.

Anyway I’m currently on leave from work because my brother graduated diploma! Not high school diploma for you international lot out there but a university diploma if you’re a Malaysian. He graduated Diploma in Electrical Engineering from UNITEN and is now waiting for university calls for Bachelor’s degree. Not sure what he wants to do with his life yet but at least he has graduated whilst I…. sobs. This upcoming Saturday should have been my graduation day, though. But I took a year off in the middle of my studies and postponed my internship to next year so I’ll be graduating in 2020 because Malaysian universities take at least 6 months to our graduation ceremony. Guess who’s graduating after she gets married? Yep. Obviously me.

I have so many pending blog posts to write but I just don’t have the time and energy to do so. I’m always tired and if I’m on off day I sleep the whole day. Working life is super tiring. I can’t skip work easily like how I skipped class during uni days so even when I’m reaaaaaally lazy to go to work I have to go to work – NO EXCUSES. Unless if I’m sick. Or dying. Both equally the same.

I’ll talk to you soon — probably with a more interesting topic, hopefully. LOL.

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