5 Things I Currently Treasure Right Now

Hi pretty things. Today I’ll be talking about a few things that I treasure the most right now. Not that I don’t treasure everything else but these are just what I held the most in my heart and I do think that my life is better with them in it. Am I exaggerating? You’re absolutely right.

My blog

I mean, is this even up for debate? If I would spend a ridiculous amount of money on blog themes when pay day is not in another two weeks, pretty sure I love it so much I’d die for it. Not going to lie, revamping your blog can be super inspiring so if you want to get out of blogging rut, I highly suggest changing your blog appearance. It could be as little as changing fonts, headers, or your theme colour. The choice is up to you. As for me, I have been itching to write ever since I revamped my blog but a girl had to go to work so I’d have to wait until my off day which is today!

My glasses

So a little backstory about my new glasses: my old one broke exactly two years ago but I hadn’t gotten a new ones for a really long time. For two years, I’ve been living off contact lenses and you don’t even wanna know the struggle of wearing lenses for two years straight. Nonetheless, my eyes were good and I didn’t have any infections or whatsoever — thank the lord. At the end of June I got a new ones and I’m super happy because my eyes are not tired all the time anymore!

Bullet journalling

Spending a few hours after work on my bullet journal is very therapeutic. Not only that my life is a whole lot organised, I also have something to look forward to after spending an entire day at work. I enjoy making a new weekly spread at the end of the previous week so I can plan beforehand what I’m going to do for the next week. Bullet journalling works for me now and not two years ago because I bought a lot of stationeries (fine liners, ballpoints, markers, brush pens!) as recommended by Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube. I think I have all the main ones she mentioned although I’m still lacking her creativity.

Fried rice

Such a random thing to be put in the same list as blog and bullet journal are but this particular recipe from my friend is a godsend. She made me this fried rice when I went to her house and since then I have been making this fried rice every week. Mind you that I’m not a good cook but this one is pretty foolproof and the ingredients needed are things you can find in your kitchen right now. I’ll be making this today for lunch so expect me feeling pretty happy today.

My sanity

Mental health is not a topic that I will ever talk on my blog because I have very little knowledge of it but to know that I am still sane after what I have been through and still going through right now is just — 

I am not one to talk about my problems online or with a lot of people. For years I kept everything bottled up inside while putting up facade, masking what I was going through from everyone around me. I was in a lot of pain and not a lot of people knew about it. I pulled through and I know that I will pull through this time around.

So what do you treasure right now?

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