Getting into bullet journalling again

bullet journal

Hi everyone. So a few years back, I got into the whole shebang of bullet journalling but for some reason I didn’t do it for that long so I kind of forgot about it… until a few weeks ago. Let me tell you how I started a bullet journal again.

I was kind of excited to plan this something-something and I needed something to write what I was planning. Kind of like a specific planner. So I went to the bookstore and I bought this really nice spiral-bound notebook with white and gold cover. You might have seen it if you followed my Instagram stories religiously. The notebook that I initially wanted to make as a planner turned into something else.

I started crafting an index page, a yearly at a glance page, an expense tracker page, a read-a-book page, and 5 seconds later I realised that “holy shit, this is turning into a bullet journal!” so with bullet journal came the need to have a dotted page notebook because duh, what is bullet journal without dotted pages (although you can definitely use lined notebooks like the one I bought.)

The next day, I bought the dotted notebook along with 5 million pens for the next two weeks. I have been buying pens like crazy and it put a dent on my bank account, much to my dismay (and horror!) I think I have all the supplies I need for my bullet journal but I’m always writing down what I wanna buy next. Hint: Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen in all colours!

I will be doing a bullet journal supplies haul and a bullet journal flip through, that is if I managed to not be lazy and put my camera to a good use.

So do you have a bullet journal?

bullet journal

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