What I’m Watching on Netflix Right Now

Hi pretty things. Today I’ll be talking about the series I have been religiously watching on Netflix. In case you are not up to date, I am in between jobs (read: totally JOBLESS) right now so I have shitloads of time to spend on Netflix. It’s the first tab opened on my web browser so you can guess how many episodes I went through last week. *cough*it’ssixtyepisodes*cough*


I watched Dexter back in 2016 until the fourth episode and only recently started watching again and OH MY GOD WHY DID I STOP THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD! I kinda hate the 4th season finale because someone died and it left a hole in my heart that absolutely nothing can fix. Rest in peace, **** ******.


A Spanish tv show that someone claimed to be a mix of Gossip Girl, Skins, and Riverdale. Now I have never watched Skins (I tried but didn’t like it) but I do love Gossip Girl and Riverdale so I hope I will like Elite, too.


I’m only watching this because of Idris Elba and the overload of British accents but it’s a good show, nonetheless. Very dark, not your usual crime-solving dramas which I am ok with. They didn’t have that many episodes per season so you can go through all 4 seasons in a day.


To be honest I only watch Lucifer during break time back when I was still working but I will finish the series when I have the time. It’s not on my top to watch list but it’s still on the list, right? A girl can only watch one episode at a time.

What are you watching on Netflix?

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