Why Beauty Blogging Is Not For Me

I used to beauty blog a lot. If you’ve been following my blog since 2014, you would know that I posted a heck lot of product reviews that year because I’ve just had a bad breakup and your girl needed something to do other than crying on her bed so beauty blogging was the answer. I put up beauty posts sparingly throughout the years until… I just don’t anymore.

Beauty blogging is expensive

I mean, where is the lie? Even drugstore products are expensive these days. I’m not going to spend hundreds of ringgit every month just to purchase every new product on the market to review and that is from the drugstore, everyone, not Sephora. Not to add the fact that my skin is sensitive and 85% of the products don’t work for me.

I’m just not enthusiastic enough

I loooooooove makeup and skincare and finding products that work for me but I’m just not that enthusiastic enough to be posting beauty-related posts every week. Beauty blogging is not a be all end all on my blog and I don’t depict my blog as a beauty blog anymore. It’s more of a personal and lifestyle blog now aka I-can-post-whatever-the-heck-I-want blog. Bahaha.

I don’t try new makeup and skincare products all that much

You can say that I’m the last person to be trying a product that came out months ago just because I don’t feel the need to buy them while they are still ‘hot’ on the market. Yeah I’m a loser, I know, but if I don’t feel like purchasing any new products, then I just won’t.

I’m more of a loyal user

… in terms of product rotation. Hey, I’m still using a moisturiser that I like from 2 years ago so I can be considered as a loyal user, am I right? I rarely change up my routine once I found the right one for my skin. I did try a new moisturiser last month, though, and my skin HATED it so I went ahead and purchased my holy grail. All is well now. Problems solved.

If you’re a beauty blogger, please tell me your secrets of being a loyal beauty blogger and do you ever have problems like I do?

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