2019 To-Do List

The more I abandon my blog, the more I feel distant with writing as I find words do not come naturally into my head and I had to carefully articulate my thoughts before turning it into writing. I have just been busy with adulting now that I’m hitting 24 in a few months. I couldn’t spare some time for my blog because being inspired to write is not something that you can call upon whenever you wish. There were many, many times that I tried to at least save half a post in draft but too many times I got distracted and listened to Taylor Swift instead. Sorry not sorry. 🤭 In other note, happy belated new year from me! Now here’s my 2019 to-do list!

Finish internship. I have been postponing my internship program for so long and I think it’s time for me to be done with it once and for all. I will be going to practicum workshop at my campus this week for the briefing and hopefully I get to do my internship near my parents’ house because I can’t see myself moving to Shah Alam again for the duration of the internship which is just 3 months.

Get married. I think everyone who is engaged to be married is looking forward to their big day as do I. Now I don’t think I will be doing an update on my wedding (which is not happening anytime soon!) but I will definitely talk about it once the solemnisation and both receptions are done and dusted. Now, let me just write my engagement ceremony planning post real quick..

Get driver’s license. It’s something that everyone my age should have but due to my father’s reluctancy to allow me to get my license 7 years ago, it’s bugging me that I have to take my license now that I have so many things to do. Adulting is not a joke and small things like getting driver’s license shouldn’t be in the list.

Lose 15 kg. This one goes hand in hand with getting married because I don’t wanna look like a whale on my big day! My wedding photos are going to be kept as one of the best memories of my life so at the very least, I need to look 15 kg lighter, alright? Now when should I start cutting crabs outta my life..

Buy an iMac. I know, I know. I’m such a trash for iMac but I can’t help it I need to have it in my life. Having an iMac is never going to be a milestone in life because let’s face it, it’s overpriced as heck but I need to own it so bad. An acquaintance once told me “once you go Mac, you’ll never go back” and now that I’m using one 7 years later, I couldn’t agree more with what she said. Everything is just easier and sleek!

I am done with millions of new year’s goals and resolutions that I know would be impossible to achieve so for this year, just 5 achievable (hopefully!) goals that I can cross off the list. Hoping that this year would give me joy and happiness I haven’t felt in so long.

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