What I Love in January 2019

Bringing this post back from the dead archive of my blog for the sake of reminiscing what I have loved in the past months. I’ve called my monthly favourites posts many names before but I never went steady with my postings. Yikes. This time around I will try my hardest to get my monthly post up on the last day of the month. I promise! Sort of. LOL.


— My skin! It’s been a solid year since I’ve been trying to fix my skin and if you’re not following me on Instagram, you must have not seen the before and after photos of my skin. I will definitely dedicate a blog post about the products I used. Who knows it might help other people out there who are dealing with skin problems like I do.

— MY ENGAGEMENT RINGS. Need I say more? I’m obsessed! I’ve always dreamed of wearing rings that have meanings to me and I finally have them now.

— NOT a highlight, just wanted to let y’all know that my food allergy has gotten worse and I went from the usual sneezing and having skin rashes to wheezing and an actual shortness of breath oh-my-god-am-I-dying type of moment. It’s been a long time since I last enjoyed drowning in seafood.

Posts this month…


The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA serum

My first impression of this product was I was not going to love it as much as the Niacinamide one but a week with it for PM routine and The Ordinary Niacinamide for AM routine changed my skincare game! I can see my skin getting brighter and clearer and I finally get the hype with using these two serums in your skincare routine. Love it!


Ezel (74-episodes Turkish drama)

I have always been a lover of soap opera and oooooh boy this Turkish drama on Netflix takes the whole flippin’ cake for being an amazing soap opera! I’m only on episode 6 but if you’re looking for something to watch and you love soap operas like I do, give Ezel a try!


Halsey – Without Me, LANY albums, Mokita – London

Apart from the usual 90s music that I love so dearly and listen to everyday of my life, I also listen to a few latest hit songs right now and I’ve really been liking Without Me, LANY’s Thick and Thin (so good!), and London. If you want a playlist to listen to, try this one.


I wish I read something interesting to share with you this month but unfortunately your home gal is not in a reading mode right now. Probably in February, though, if I’m not busy with adulting. I have a lot in my plate right now and I can’t afford to spare one or two hours solely for reading.


My Christy Ng Jean bag in Rose for 4 months. It fits everything I could possibly need and I don’t see myself using other bag for the time being. Maybe after I get myself a new bag, probably. The new Christy Ng x Yuna bag is nice too.


Pipdig Lavoie theme, a new earpods, and Christy Ng Alis bag

The new Pipdig theme because it’s beautiful and I can’s stop thinking about it. A new earpods because my current earpods is dying and by dying I mean it’s on its last couple of breaths. The Christy Ng Alis bag because duh, it’s beautiful?!

Wedding things…

I know I said I wasn’t going to give updates on my wedding but I want to touch a bit about my wedding planning progress. In January, we set a date for the wedding and booked a venue! It’s very exciting and all but I can’t ignore the fact that I need to lose weight before getting my akad nikah attire made. Any way I can shed 10 kg in 3 months?

What’s in February?

Preparing documents for internship

It’s time, you guys. I postponed my internship a little too long and it’s time for me to go and be done with it once and for all and that means going back to Shah Alam for 4 months. I dreaded this the most. I don’t wanna go back and I’m not ready at all. I like working life (though stressful!) and it pays at the end of the month. My internship is an unpaid one — which I found very unfair because we’re basically working for free. What the heck.

A month closer to our wedding!

I mean, if I crossed out each day that passed by when my fiancé was in the UK for study, what made you think that I wouldn’t be doing the same for our wedding?! Only a few hundreds days more but hey who’s counting.

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